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How to Transfer Money to Indian Business Account

by Eric

There are so many money transfer providers that picking one may be difficult and time-consuming. The options have different merits and demerits. Extensive research before making your ultimate pick is essential.

Use the following methods to transfer money to India.

Western Union

One of the most popular money transfer apps, Western Union can be used to easily transfer funds worldwide. Now anyone can send money to India easily with their easy-to-use mobile app that allows anyone to instantly transfer funds to anywhere in the world. Track all of your transfers in real-time and you can also use the app to find Western Union locations locally.


PayPal is the biggest online payment processor globally. It enables you to transfer money effortlessly between accounts without using your bank account or credit card directly. Additionally, the sender is not charged for the transaction, although the recipient may be charged a nominal fee on occasion. Further, PayPal is optimized to work with mobile, thus simplifying the process of transferring money.


TransferWise positions itself as a more affordable international money transfer service. This is an online-centric option that provides you with the mid-market rate, often known as the “actual exchange rate.”

This form of payment is accepted in India, making it one of the most popular methods of transferring money. TransferWise, like other money transfer methods, may take longer to finalize the transaction; therefore, this is ideal if speed is not a problem.

Money Orders

Money orders are considered the safest and most cheap method of delivering a modest quantity of money. The majority of institutions offer this service at a small fee. The foreign money order must be deposited into your bank account.

Generally, some form of identification is necessary to cash the checks, which may be written in the local currency. As an added measure of security, the entire amount can be retrieved in the event of a loss.


Remitly takes pleasure in providing money transfer services from the United States to various nations, including India. Remitly is a low-fee money transfer service that is dependable, quick, and safe. (PayPal’s Part)

Xoom, a PayPal service, is an excellent method to send money to India since it is quick and the beneficiary does not require an Internet connection or bank account to receive the funds. Read more about 3 Quick Steps to Buy Orchid (OXT) Crypto.

Xoom is widely considered one of the leading money transfer services globally, having been in business for 14 years and specializing in fast and inexpensive money transfers. It is an online-to-offline money transfer, which means that the funds may be withdrawn immediately upon completing the online transaction at a designated location in India.


MoneyGram is a significant market participant in international money remittances and transfers. Every day, it facilitates the transfer of funds for hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide, and sending money to India is no exception.

It is a lightning-fast service that enables same-day transfers for a slightly higher charge compared to other providers. However, it remains a cheap service and offers the fastest money transfer to India.


Transfast, like PayPal, is a user-friendly service. Input the destination (India), currency, and amount to send, and you’re ready to go. There are no costs when paying using a bank account; however, there are no costs when paying with a credit card. It’s beneficial to the receiver since it works with banks and cash collection sites globally as part of its payment network, making it simple to collect the monies transferred.


Always speak with your Indian contacts to avoid any confusion. Ask your virtual staff about the payment approaches they desire and test your selection before making an obligation.

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