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How to Spice up Your Stories With Instagram Stickers

by REX

Are you trying to add more followers on Instagram right now? If you are, you might be able to do it by using Instagram Stories to your advantage.

You shouldn’t ever flood your Instagram followers with dozens of regular posts each day. They aren’t going to appreciate getting that much Instagram content very much.

But you should post Instagram Stories early and often. You can post up to 100 Instagram Stories each day if you would like.

You should also tag some of these Instagram Stories with Instagram handle stickers. These stickers will serve as great Instagram marketing tools.

Here is how to utilize Instagram handle stickers to spice up your Instagram Stories from now on.

Add Instagram Handle Stickers to the Start of Your Instagram Stories

When people are scrolling through their Instagram Stories, it’s very easy for them to lose track of whose stories they’re watching. It’s one reason why it’s so important to use Instagram handle stickers on your Stories.

You don’t necessarily need to post Instagram handle stickers on every single Instagram Story you put up. But you should try to lead a string of Instagram Stories off with Instagram handle stickers. They’ll make it easier for people to identify you.

Make Sure Your Instagram Handle Stickers Are Easy to Read

In addition to incorporating Instagram handle stickers into your Instagram Stories, you should also make sure they’re easy to read. Consider everything from the size of your Instagram handles stickers to the places that you put them.

You don’t want to make your Instagram handle stickers so large that they distract people from what else you have going on. But you also don’t want to bury them in a spot where no one is going to see them.

Try to Work Some Other Instagram Stickers Into the Mix

Instagram handle stickers are just one of the many types of stickers that you can use on Instagram. There are also many other kinds of stickers, including Instagram link stickers, music stickers, and question stickers.

Don’t be shy about working some of these other kinds of Instagram stickers into the mix. You can inspire followers on Instagram by putting stickers to good use and making your Instagram Stories more lively in the process.

Instagram Handle Stickers Can Help You Get More Followers Fast

If your goal is to pick up as many Instagram followers as you can, posting more Instagram Stories is going to be key. You aren’t going to be as successful as you might like on Instagram without making the most of Instagram Stories.

As part of posting more on Instagram Stories, you should also try to add things like stickers to your posts to bring them to life. Instagram handle stickers can work wonders for your Instagram account and help you rack up more followers in no time.

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