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How to Prevent Termites from Attacking Your House l Complete guide

by Eric

Termites cause frustration – this is a simple fact to which many Australian homeowners will attest. After a long, hard day at work, the last thing you want to see upon arrival at home is a termite infestation. With this in mind, here are some tips to keep these pests away from your safe haven!

Lose the Moisture

Above all else, be aware that pests are frequently drawn to a home by the dampness present both within and outside the structure. By removing this moisture, you can reduce the appeal of your property to termites and other pests.

What if moisture is a given since you live in a humid environment? We advise purchasing a dehumidifier. Use the air conditioning to reduce moisture and create an environment that termites detest during the hotter months.

Declutter Your Home

You should occasionally declutter your home when we’re talking about making an environment that termites find unpleasant. Don’t keep a lot of old magazines, newspapers, papers, cardboard, or other similar products, especially if you’re having trouble getting moisture out of your house. Why? Because termites will adore using these resources to build a house.

Throw all of these items in the trash rather than recycling or giving them away if you’ve already had termite issues.

Check for Leaks

Termites also look for decayed roofs and moisture created from leaks in a home, so check your property for these issues. If you spot a leak, work towards a fix straight away. If you’re worried about your ability to spot and fix a leak, contact an inspection company, and they will perform the job on your behalf. They will inspect basements, lofts, roofs, walls, and all other areas of your home for both termites and weaknesses that could lead to termites.


In particular, you should look out for leaks in the basement since this is closer to the ground than all other rooms. With a leak below the ground in a basement, it won’t be long before termites start to attack.

While on the topic of inspections, these services provide incredible value and peace of mind for homeowners. Businesses like Jims Building Inspections have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to spot potential issues and find a resolution before the problem grows.

Keep Wood and Soil Apart

Keep all wood away from the soil if you have furniture or other items in the garden. If not, termites will quickly begin attacking while looking for a new home. Why not put cement or stones between the two to clear up any confusion if you’re unclear of the distance between the soil and the wood in your garden? Termites cannot enter the wood because of this physical barrier, protecting your investment.

Make use of a termite repellent

In order to sleep soundly and completely erase your concern about bugs, you may occasionally want to take no chances and use a termite repellent. There are numerous sprays available on the market in this instance.  Additionally, you should treat wood with borate before painting or adding any other finish. As a repellent, this will soak into the wood and ensure that any termite attempting a nibble has a terrible experience.

After applying the spray:

  1. Wait for the wood to dry, and then apply the finish or paint as normal.
  2. Remember, if you’re concerned, contact a home inspector to identify weak spots and deal with potential issues.
  3. If you’ve already been attacked, put all termite-infested items in the sun because these pests hate heat.

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