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How to live a Healthy and Comfortable Life in College

by REX

Wonderful tips on how you can lead a healthy and comfortable in college despite the heavy workload and other challenges that you have to go through on your academic journey. 

Moving to college brings about numerous changes to a student’s life. Maybe this is the first time you have had to live alone, and you are therefore covered with all the responsibilities of making your own choices and living with the consequences after it. College courses, on the other hand, are also more complex than other schooling courses you might have come across and hence you are in most cases forced to stay up late in the night studying or wake up early in the morning to study. Amidst the classes, studying, homework, assignments, and maintaining a social life, students forget to maintain their health. Therefore, new students are mostly going to adapt to unhealthy habits and behaviours, but they can have a healthy and comfortable life if given a little guidance and preparation. This article will discuss some of the important tips on how to live a healthy life in lines.

Stop procrastination.

In most cases, you find yourself with a huge amount of homework or assignments to be done. If you are not well-organized, you will find yourself pushing the assignments to a later date. This habit continues to persist until the night before the due date when you now try and get the assignments done in a hurry. The urgency and desire to get the work done make you do shoddy work, and you might end up feeling stressed because you might not finish the assignment and submit it in time. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare a schedule that allows you to attend to your assignments in good time, avoiding unnecessary stress and inconveniences. But sometimes, time is never enough for you to complete all of your assignments. Peachy Essay is a well-recognized essay writing company that can help you work on all your complex assignments and essays whenever you need help. Not only will this allow you to get the work done on time, but it will also help you avoid procrastination.

Eat right

Eating a healthy and balanced diet helps boost your immunity, maintain a healthy weight and good looks. Therefore, it would be best if you made a habit of eating all meals and not missing any, and ensuring that all you ingest is healthy. First, make an effort always to eat your breakfast. Sometimes it might be hard to take all meals, especially if you have 8.00 am lectures and it’s hard to take breakfast, but it is essential to at least take a banana on your way to class. Eating well has numerous benefits, but it is not often mentioned that it increases one’s self-esteem. At this time of your life, when you as a person are discovering who you are and a professional future, paramount self-esteem and taking care of yourself is an act of self-love. Developing and maintaining self-esteem is crucial. It helps you focus on your studies, evaluate your life interests and the direction you would like to take in life, and improve social life quality and experiences.


Adding exercise to a college schedule is sometimes tricky, but most colleges and campuses, on the other hand, make exercising easier for their students. One of the most common is when you walk to school, and depending on your class schedule per day, you might have walked 30 minutes to one hour in a day. Most colleges also provide physical fitness classes and sporting activities, and sometimes competitions. Some also offer free or reduced gym classes. Therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of these programs and exercises as it is primarily a perk that ends after graduation.

Get enough sleep

Even though you might be tempted to sleep late, either studying for forthcoming exams, watching a movie, or even partying with friends, please do not make it a habit. Lack of enough sleep can reduce brained function due to fatigue, migraines, and weight loss or gain, which is not healthy. Lack of enough sleep can also make you sleepy during the day, this includes during classes, and you might find yourself dozing off in class, and you do not get the content being taught. As a college student, you need to have between seven and nine hours of sleep. Getting this amount of sleep improves your health, therefore, better performance in class. Enough sleep also helps you avoid stress, improve your mood, think more clearly, and do better in school.

Drinking a lot of water

Staying hydrated can help your concentration and keep you from overeating. It also helps to replenish your body and gives you more energy throughout the day. Always choose water instead of soda, and bring water with you while you walk to class. Also, to cut down on the cost, buy a water filtration pitcher and a reusable water bottle instead of plastic bottled water. Being hydrated is also key to having a healthy life.


College students are usually more stressed with classes and exams. Relaxation and having some free time are therefore essential to staying and remaining healthy. Stress can cause many problems, and getting too tired can affect your health negatively. The easiest and most appropriate way to relax is to have a schedule that allows you to take numerous or regular breaks. Also, take some time to socialize with friends and de-stress by giving stories, reading a book, watching your favourite movie or television show, or any other hobby.

Peer pressure

In college, peer pressure is the main contributor to success or failure. Peer pressure is in two ways. There is positive peer pressure and negative peer pressure. Positive peer pressure is when your peers positively impact you by, for example, helping you study, read books, or do other cheerful stuff. Negative peer pressure, on the other hand, negatively affects your life. This way, your peers introduce you to acts that affect you negatively, such as doing drugs. It would help if you, therefore, learned to say no. Most of these drugs contribute to deteriorating your mind and affect how you think and act. You should therefore avoid engaging in such acts as they deteriorate your health.

Find good friends that you can hang around

Human beings are seen as social creatures, and we all need to be around others to thrive. If you want to have a healthy and comfortable life in college, make sure that you make good friends to hang around during your free time. When you have many good friends, you can share your experiences, thoughts, and dreams with them, which brings about fulfilment. You can also acquire a sense of belonging, which is very important as it creates identity. Your friends will support you during your darkest times which will lead to reduced stress levels. When you decide to live alone in college, you may likely lose the motivation to learn since you will not have people to support and encourage you, which reduces your life quality.

Therefore, being healthy while studying is a vital thing as it contributes to your success in school. Therefore, success in school is a significant impact on your life after school as it guarantees you a promising career. For this, you, therefore, need to follow the guidelines outlined above to stay healthy while pursuing your academic excellence.

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