How to Find the Jewellery Your Favourite Rapper Wears
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How to Find the Jewellery Your Favourite Rapper Wears

by Eric

Chains and pendants are the most noticeable jewellery items that rappers like to wear and are very curious about How to Find the Jewellery Your Favourite Rapper Wears. In that situation, wild thought is unmatched. Let’s start with the chain designs that are common in hip-hop clothing. Among rappers, the Cuban link chain is one of the most common designs. For every genre of music, there’s an avid fan base. Artists of all genres have their concerts filled to maximum capacity with adoring fans who love their music, admire their work, and are in awe of their success.

When it comes to the hip-hop industry, rappers and artists are known for two things; their music and their style. Regarding the latter, their styles are often incorporated with larger than life, eye-catching, and heavily embellished jewellery.

Their jewellery is often curated for them as artists, with their pendants showcasing their growth at a personal level. However, this isn’t to say that their style can’t be matched or even replicated.

How to Find the Jewellery Your Favourite Rapper Wears by magazines?

The easiest way to find out anything and everything about your favourite rapper jewelry is to search them up online or, conversely, pick up a magazine. Trend sites and magazines have been popular among the masses for decades.

Lately, these publications provide an entire run-down on the artist’s apparel with hyperlinks to the brands, the stores, and the prices for their wardrobe collections.

Following Them on Social Media

Most rappers endorse their lifestyles as their brands which is why you can find out more about the type of jewellery they wear by following them on social media.

Rappers would tag and link to their apparel – mainly the embellishments. More often than not, these rappers link to their own websites and stores and market their jewellery under their own name brand.

They are making their ensemble their merchandise.

Reference Images & Customization to know How to Find the Jewellery Your Favourite Rapper Wears

Megan Thee Stallion’s iconic ‘Hot Girl’ necklace is priced at $425,000, which is not a realistic sum of money most people have lying around. The easiest way to find a chain such as your favourite rapper’s one is to find a reference image of it online and have one customized for yourself. It’ll look just as baller too!

You could find an image of the necklace and work out a price within your range with a jeweller. Understandably, this price would only be within your range if you omit a few diamonds for imitation gems and have it gold plated instead of being solid gold.

Artists Fan Pages and Groups

Rappers and several music artists have their embellishments listed under their merchandise. Fans then buy and trade the merchandise as memorabilia within their community.

If you’re looking for something in particular, such as Rick Ross’ famous self-portrait chain, odds are your best bet at finding something similar would be within fan pages and groups for that specific artist.

This also allows fans to communicate with one another and inquire more on other jewellers or reliable sources for buying rapper jewellery.


Rappers have amassed massive fan bases, and fans are constantly in awe of their success. For artists in the hip-hop industry, success is displayed as embellishments. Rapper jewellery is symbolic for them as individual artists and fans are constantly on the look out for something similar (if not the same). Only one jeweller, Jacob “Jacob The Jeweler” Arabo, has been mentioned in as many hip-hop songs as designer drip. The renowned 55-year-old jewellery designer has been in the field for nearly 40 years, ever since he lied about his age to land his first job in jewellery design at the age of 16.





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