Ways to Wear Your Cuban Chain
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Best Ways to Wear Your Cuban Chain

by Eric

First known the Ways to Wear Your Cuban Chain as the Miami Cuban Link Chain, Cuban Chains are number one in urban street style.  It’s been around since the earliest day of rap and hip hop.  The Cuban Chain is an integral piece of jewelry worn by many fans and artists alike.

They come in a bevy of different precious metals and lengths to suit your size and style.  Thicker chains are good if you’re an active person.  More delicate and thin chains are great for formal occasions or to create an understated look that still shouts fashion.

Ways to Wear Your Cuban Chain

The Classic Way

There’s always the traditional method of wearing your Cuban Link Chain by simply latching it behind your neck and letting it hang.  Smaller chains can create a choker look that goes great with suits or other kinds of formal wear.  Thicker, longer chains are good for jeans and t-shirts.

Regardless of the thickness of the chain, it will complement everything from street clothes to business attire.  Even a tank top will look good as the backdrop against a thick chain.  The basic and classic way is always a good choice.  It’s quick and easy, so you can’t go wrong.

With a Pendant

Having your favorite sports team, family emblem, a gemstone or an engraved piece of precious metal adorn your Cuban Chain is a great way to communicate who you are and what you’re about without saying a word.  A huge range of clothing styles and occasions will be appropriate to sport a pendant.

A v-neck sweater or unbuttoned suit shirt will highlight and feature the necklace well.  But you could also wear a basic t-shit which contrasts beautifully with any size chain in silver, rose gold, gold, or platinum.

Layer It Up

Wearing several different Cuban Link Chains of different metals and lengths can make for a classy yet flashy statement.  This is a little more on the dressy side of things, so it’s good for weddings, formal dinners, red carpet events, and black-tie galas.

Wear three gold chains of varying lengths over a dress shirt or with a tuxedo.  If you really want to go for something loud and proud, try layering five to 10 of them in combinations of gold, silver, platinum, and rose gold.  Either way, your look will present a sense of fashion and style that will attract envy and attention. If you are looking where to buy a Cuban link chain, you can pick one here.

Wearing a Cuban Chain

The craftsmanship and precious metals that comprise a Cuban Link Chain have many possibilities.  You can style and sport the jewelry in whatever way speaks most to what you like and who you are.  It’s a solid piece that displays a sense of strength and status.

Wearing it alone, with a pendant or in layers can provide a world of options for the event you’re going to and what you’ll be doing when you wear it.  If you want to make a statement while projecting your avid fashion sense, a Cuban Chain is the only way to go.



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