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How to find mac address on iPhone?

by Eric
how to find mac address on Iphone?

Mac address stands for media access control address. Many people think that the mac address is only related to apple but this is wrong. Actually, a mac address is a hardware identification number that reflects each device on the network. You can say any device can identify on the internet through the mac address. Every network card has a built-in feature of mac address, The purpose of mac address is there are millions of devices that are connected to the internet. Mac address is for safety purposes, if there will be any criminal activity or hacking occur on any device we can get the criminal through mac address. it’s also called the Physical Address of the iPhone. Read more about macOS Catalina vs Big Sur.

In this topic, we’ll discuss how to find mac address on iPhone.

Find Mac address on iPhone:

It’s is quite simple to find mac address on your iPhone. Just launch your settings app on your iPhone.

how to find mac address on iphone

after launching the settings app clicks on the General

how to find mac address on iphone

after clicking on general in the next window you’ll see the Mac address.

how to find mac address on iphone

This is a quite simple process for finding mac address on iPhone.  Follow these steps and simply approach your mac address. You can also find it on Windows, Macbook, and other operating systems as well as. For more informative topics you can visit our website. Stay healthy stay safe!

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