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How To Choose The Best Nurse Sneakers?

by Eric

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of sneakers. And in the context of footwear for those who work in the medical field, this should never be understated. But what exactly are the characteristics of the ideal pair/s of nurse shoes?

Here’s a buying guide you can follow as you choose the best ones for your feet.

Buying Guide For Nursing Shoes:

1. Lightweight

This is probably among the most practical and straightforward features to look for in your footgear— their weight. The thing to remember is that the lighter, the better. We’re pretty sure you won’t need us to tell you why because you live the “why” of it daily.

As a professional nurse and/or medical practitioner, you’re constantly on your feet and on the run. Whether moving from a patient’s room to the next, carrying medications from this region of the hospital to the furthest corner of it, you name it, lightweight nurse sneakers for women can aid you in bringing ease to movement, speed, and versatility.

2. Foot Protection

Foot protection? This is a factor to consider? Yes. With ardency and seriousness. Being in medical facilities for hours, days, and weeks on end implies the possibility of being exposed to chemicals and fluids used within the same.

They may not necessarily be toxic. Hazmat suits are there if so. However, letting fluids dampen your feet can cause discomfort, to the point of causing you to be less efficient. Add to that how this may cause accidents.

Non-slip soles with ankle closure are simple yet incredible safeguards for your feet. Read more about Best Nurse Watches for daily basis use in clinics

3. Good Arch Support

Orthotics is the full-on alternative for arch support, especially for those who have chronic foot pain, swelling, and very often face limb injuries. Nevertheless, not having these symptoms shouldn’t stop you from choosing the preventive route by selecting shoes that offer a certain level of arch support.

Such pieces of footwear may impede the occurrence of joint inflammation, heel soreness, blisters and corns, plantar fasciitis (tissue inflammation), etc. Plus, arch support equals walking comfort. And walking comfort equals you being able to travel from patient room to doctor’s clinic to laboratory without hurting your feet.

4. Durability

Here’s another practical feature you should definitely take into account— how durable the shoes are. Besides reasons related to economical numbers on price tags, remember that you will be wearing these for most if not all of the hours you are on duty.

Hence, your nurse sneakers have to be able to withstand wear and tear. Or that they should at least have a higher resilience against this, above-average. The only real approach to testing this factor before you make a purchase is by going over the materials of the footwear.

5. Maintenance Ease

It will be to your benefit to have shoes that are convenient to clean and maintain. A callback to subjecting them to chemicals and fluids on a day-to-day basis along with constant usage, they’re bound to incur dirt smears and stains.

The ideal footgear is one that can be cleaned with mere wiping and brushing. Ones that have surfaces that do not absorb moisture and thus, make it easy to get rid of stains.

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