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How to Choose Comfortable Shoes for Women

by Eric

It’s a common misconception that beauty is pain. Why should women have to suffer through sore feet caused by uncomfortable shoes just to look a certain way? Though ditching your painful stilettos in favor of something more wearable may seem like a daydream, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding comfortable shoes for women. Want to upgrade your shoe game but aren’t sure where to start? Keep reading for some of the best tips to help you find comfy shoes that will have you walking on cloud nine.

Don’t Skip Sizing

One of the most crucial tips to help you find your new favorite pair of shoes is to properly measure your foot. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, having the size of your feet on hand can help you get the most accurate fit. To ensure you have the most comfortable fit, you’ll want to take the dimensions at the end of the day when your feet are the biggest.

You’ll want to measure from the tip of your big toe to the heel and take the length of your forefoot. Many shoe stores have a size guide in-store and online to help convert the inches into your size for the best fit.

Style Significance

Another thing to consider when buying new kicks is what style the shoe is. Though you might love the look of skinny, strappy heels with a pencil-point stilt, they can be uncomfortable and painful to wear. Paying attention to the style of the shoe that you want to buy can help reduce discomfort, making it easy and pain-free to rock your new purchase.

Some styles, like Crocs, are great for those on their feet all day. Click here for more information to help you find the style that’s right for you. Instead of wearing stilettos that Force all of your weight onto one small area, you can opt for a stylish block heel or kitten heel. This will help you look great without sacrificing your comfort.

What’s the Lining Like?

Another factor you want to consider when looking for comfy shoes is the interior.  Many people don’t think about the importance of a shoe’s lining. However, like anything you wear, the lining helps protect your foot from the harsh exterior material, while providing structure. The type of lining you choose will depend on what you need the shoe for. For example, leather is great at wicking sweat, while fleece-lined boots can keep you warm on winter walks.

You’ll want the lining of the best shoes to be securely attached, flat with no protruding stitch work, and durable to prevent wear and tears.

Select a Solid Sole

While your shoe might seem sufficient enough to keep your feet supported, having an acceptable sole can help you feel comfortable in any shoe. From running sneakers to booties, proper sole support is essential. There are plenty of different insole options for you to choose from. Choices like leather help to keep your feet dry, as they reduce sweat, while memory foam can provide a cushion to keep your feet comfortable. Read more about 6 Fail-Proof Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes.

If you find a pair of shoes you love, but they don’t have a comfortable sole, there are insert options you can place inside to help keep your feet supported and comfortable.

Material Matters

Much like the lining, the material plays a significant role in how comfortable a shoe is. The material of the shoe plays a big part and how comfortable and wearable it is. While some styles like heels or hiking boots may be stiffer, in general, your shoe should have the flexibility and give. Common materials include canvas, which is primarily for casual sneakers, leather, suede, and cork. All of these choices are great for various styles, so keeping them in mind will help you find the best option.

Sufficient Support

The last thing you want is to be walking around, constantly twisting your ankles because your shoes lack the proper support needed to keep you safe. When looking for the most comfortable shoes, they should have both arch and ankle support.

Arch support is essential when wearing any type of shoe. Whether you need comfy work shoes or new running sneakers, arches can help alleviate foot pain and make standing, walking, and running more bearable. In terms of ankle support, you’ll want a shoe that takes the pressure off of your heels. This could be a high-top shoe with more material to keep your ankle in place or a sneaker with a stiff back.

Try Before You Buy

Finally, when possible you want to try the shoe on. This allows you to get the most comfortable and accurate fit possible and helps you determine whether or not you think the shoe is right for you. Trying the shoe on allows you to walk around and get a feel for the fit. You’ll want to wear the socks you plan on pairing with the shoe to ensure that they don’t feel crowded or cramped.

You’ll also want to try on both shoes. Many people vary slightly in the dimensions of their feet, so the left could feel great, while the right shoe doesn’t fit as well. Finally, if you plan on buying online, reading customer reviews is essential. This will provide valuable insight into whether the shoes run big or small and how well they fit.

Finding Comfortable Shoes for Women, Made Easy

Though in years past, finding comfortable shoes for women seemed like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, these tips and tricks will have you excited to get going! Whether you find comfy flats or cute, chunky heels, ensuring that you take the time to research factors that go into comfort will keep you on your feet.

If you’re ready to lace up your new comfy work shoes and start the day off on the right foot, be sure to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll find more great lifestyle tips and tricks.

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