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How to Check Septic Tank is full? 4 Signs

by Eric

If you are a homeowner then you know a septic tank is how much an important part of your home. And coincidently this is a thing you don’t want to think about it too often. But it doesn’t matter whether it is in your mind or not it will show you certain warning signs that will indicate that some problems are happening with your septic tank. These warnings also tell you that your septic tank needed to empty sooner or later. If you don’t have any idea how to check the septic tank needs to empty then you came to the right place. I will enlighten you about the common signs of your septic tank is full or not, and you can easily identify them from your home. What do you want to know I’m pretty sure you will find here how to check septic tank is full or not?

How to check septic tank is full?

If it is your first time when your septic tank needs to be empty because it has reached its edges and now it’s time to empty it. When these signs which I’m going to narrate will show then you should auto understand that your septic tank is full now. The signs are as follow;

Indication signs:

  • Pipe Gurgling Sounds
  • Facing Trouble while flushing
  • Slow Draining
  • Unbearable Bad Odor

Pipe Gurgling Sounds:

First, your toilet will indicate you and this is the major indication sign of your septic tank is full. Do you hear ghost-like hunting sounds in your bathrooms that scare you? I mean after flushing the toilet do you hear gurgling sounds, if yes then it is an indication that your septic tank is pumping or some other problem is happening. So you must check it before it went worse. Read more about When Should You Insulate Your Water Heater and Other Pipes?

Facing Trouble While Flushing:

The next indication for how to check septic tank is full or not is; Pipe gurgling is normal but if you face trouble while flushing your toilet, it clearly means that something is wrong with your septic tank. Might be it indicates you about a clog that blocked the pipe or your septic tank is full and need to be empty. The one and only solution for this is pumping. It is better for you when any trouble facing thing happen in your water system then you must check your septic tank or pipes.

Slow Draining:

The third indication sign for checking the septic tank is you should notice your water draining system. A slow drain is a big problem that homeowners face daily. When you feel that your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and bathtub is draining slowly. So it means the pipes or your septic tank need to be empty. When you notice slow drains then it might be because your septic tank is full. So check it and empty it if it needs. Or clean the pipes if your septic tank is not full yet.

Unbearable Bad Odor:

If you feel an unbearable bad odor in your home like rotten eggs, then it’s an indication sign that your septic tank needs an immediate repair. When a bad odor will trouble you then it has only one solution you should change your septic tank with a new one. Water backups, greener grass, and standing water also indicate that something is happening wrong with your septic tank.

So these were a few indication signs for how to check septic tank is full or not. I gave you ample reasons and signs for checking your septic tank. I hope this will be helpful for you in dealing with and checking your septic tanks.

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