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How Many Types of Concrete Coatings Are There?

by Eric

Did you know that concrete flooring might be the biggest flooring trend of the year? People are tired of cleaning out grout or scuffing their floors, which is why they are turning to concrete. Concrete was first invented in 1300 BC when builders in the Middle East found that coating their homes in pounded clay created a hard and protective surface.

If you want concrete flooring, keep reading about the different types of concrete coatings to keep your floors looking great for years to come.

Different Types of Concrete Coatings:

Concrete coating is liquid or semi-liquid coverings applied to the concrete. The coatings can also make the surface last longer, which reduces repair and maintenance costs.


At the most basic level are exterior concrete coatings designed to protect against moisture and wear and tear. Exterior coatings are typically used for driveways and patios.  Read more about Why Choose Concrete Lifting Services?

Epoxy Coatings:

Expoxy coatings for concrete are water-resistant, durable, and protect the concrete more than other exterior coatings. Quarts or another aggregate can also go over the coating to create an anti-slip surface. However, it is essential to note that UV light can damage this variety of coating and discolor it. You can add UV-resistant coatings, but it is advisable to avoid these types of concrete coatings in areas that get a lot of sunlight.

If using epoxy, be sure to double-check which type you are using. There are breathable epoxies that are impermeable to moisture and take four to five days to cure. There are also fast-setting epoxies that require a drying time of 24 hours before adding a second coat.


When it comes to interior concrete coatings, there are many options. Recent trends have shown decorative concrete coatings gaining in popularity due to their versatility. Some of the most popular types of interior concrete coatings include:

  • Staining
  • Dyes
  • Stenciling
  • Polishing
  • Metallic coatings
  • Garage floor coatings

If you want concrete flooring in your garage that is 20x stronger than epoxy, look into the Garage Force process. The process “chip system” is a 10 step process starting from concrete preparation and cleaning the surface to scraping smooth and applying a clear polyurea topcoat.


Polyaspartics are one of the newer coating products and are popular due to their fast setting times. They are a type of polyurea, which has been available since the 1980s. The benefits of this coating are that they can be applied in one coat, have more significant impact resistance, UV stability, and an installation can occur at various temperatures.


If you plan to use any type of concrete coating on your floor, make sure to pick the one that is best for your needs. From exterior coatings that won’t allow moisture into interior coatings that will enable you to coat the floor in hues of blue, yellow, purple, and more, there is concrete flooring for everyone. If you enjoyed learning about the types of concrete coatings and want to learn more, be sure to check out the rest of the blogs on our site.

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