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The color is stunning, and it really stands out. I’ve always liked going into a house and being shocked by an unexpected statement couch. You should absolutely do it! The color is bright, and it gives a lovely pop! This style also includes a few additional vivid hues.

The style is midcentury modern, with a low to the floor, low back, and deep seat. Three individuals can easily recline here, or two. Cotton/velvet is the fabric. We haven’t experienced any staining concerns, and markings are easily removed with a moist towel. The fabric should only be dry cleaned.

Before purchasing this sofa, we evaluated the fact that we were just starting a family, Ester was only six months old at the time, and spills and other accidents are unavoidable. But, in fact, that’s life; we’d rather see a couch we like with a few years of excessive wear than a stain-resistant couch we don’t like. It’s difficult to discover a couch that you adore, but we fell in love with this one at first sight. Plus, isn’t that what throws & cushions are for, to hide stains and holes.

Upholstery: soft, long-lasting, and versatile:

The fabric color we picked (Birch Beige) was properly portrayed on the internet and in images shared by the business on social media. Although we did not want to do so, The Article would have gladly provided us with fabric samples prior to buying. The fabric is made of 73% polyester and 27% acrylic. Read more about Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Home.

What we like about our sofa’s fabric is that the pattern hides ordinary wear. Furthermore, the hue is contemporary without leaning too much in one way. We can picture ourselves liking the hue for years to come because we can simply jazz it up or down and blend it with different colors.

Comfort is like Goldilocks—exactly it’s right:

Our Sven Green velvet Couch is really comfy. We wanted to stay on this couch for the rest of the evening as soon as we took it out of the box and sat down. We particularly like the combination of single long hard bottom cushions and softer back cushions. The cushions are stuffed with a blend of elevated foam, viscose, and duck feathers, while the seat cushions are supported by Pirelli nylon.


The green velvet couch comes with a fantastic 30-day satisfaction guarantee refund policy. You have 30 days to try the product, and if you are not satisfied, they will return your money. For many of us, this made the dangers of purchasing a sofa sight unseen far less intimidating, and it is one of the factors we would definitely purchase furnishings from the business again.

Seating is deep and spacious:

We were clearly worried about how comfy the Sven Green velvet Couch is to sit on. It was the first occasion we had bought a sofa without first sitting on it, and because my husband and I are both tall, it might have been a catastrophe. Fortunately, the Sven Green velvet Couch is deep and comfy without being overly slouchy, as described.

The legs raise it off the floor just about enough to keep it from being too lower, and the bolstering cushions function as a buffer against the slightly firm, tall armrests. Because the back cushions aren’t too high, the Sven has a modest image, which is ideal for our tiny area.

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