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by Eric

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet for almost everything. Whether it’s to listen to music, watch shows, or acquire new skills. There was a time when everyone wondered how they would watch their favorite shows if they missed an episode for whatever reason and had to wait days or weeks for a re-telecast. Things have gotten easier to locate as technology and time have progressed, and people can now perform their assignments by just searching on the YouTube search engine.

YouTube has also emerged as an online earning platform for many users. Users or companies post videos to gain traffic and reach a certain number of subscribers to activate their monetization, which allows them to earn on every single view of that video. Many companies and users are taking advantage of this, and why shouldn’t they? They’ve been doing difficult things for their audience to make it simpler for them to learn new things for free and without wasting time looking for what they’ve been doing. However, YouTube has become increasingly irritating for users because the user can’t even enjoy the video because of the ads that play after a few minutes of the video, which takes away the user’s interest and prevents them from enjoying or learning anything. Read more about What was the live stream?

Along with that problem, the users also face downloading videos to watch offline, but not every video uploaded on the YouTube website contains downloading options. Watching those videos requires a proper well-functioning internet connection so that they would be able to watch the video. Still, the majority of users around the globe also have the problem of internet connection, and without that, they are unable to watch or download heavy files of YouTube.

Why download YouTube Videos?

Many of us don’t have time to watch the videos online because of some work or not having the proper connection. The reasons for not watching videos can be several but downloading YouTube videos is one! Which is a continuous buffering issue or the ad’s which usually makes it hard for the users to watch that ad during their favorite show or music.

So, to get free with all these issues, many users prefer to download the videos so that they would be able to watch things without any interruption and any internet connection. Internet connection is the major problem for the users without that. They cannot play the videos, and if they have a slow connection, the quality of the video will be too bad, like 140p. With that quality, the users can only watch the video with a blurry thing and only listen to what is being said in the video they are watching. Many users face problems, but the main problem they usually make are those we have just highlighted.


Tactics that were used before the downloading option.

Before the YouTube download¬†button option, users searched for online downloading software that would help them download any mp3, mp4 from any platform, but downloading that online free software required an excellent internet connection proper space for storing and downloading the software. These online software’s are also risky to use because of their mechanism. Also, it contains a malicious virus that slows down the speed of the devices, and for that, the users had to download or buy heavy anti-virus software to protect their systems.

Using this software is not an easy thing. Many get confused while using it, and also, not every video can be downloaded because of their encoding or copyright issue, which would not give access to the user to download the file. But with those problems, we have come up with the solution to resolve every issue faced by many people and make it easy as possible so anyone can use it. So, they won’t feel that downloading videos or files into a different format is not their thing. They had to ask someone to download for them and make this easy for everyone is the only solution behind it, which has made this complicated thing into the simplest thing.

Free YouTube Downloader Online

Btclod is an online program that allows anyone to download their preferred YouTube video in seconds without having to search the internet for alternative downloading tools. This YouTube downloader is meant to be used by anybody from a novice to a pro. Let’s say someone is having trouble downloading their favorite videos. In such a scenario, they also have a step-by-step tutorial on their site. By following those instructions, a person may download the video in any desired format since it allows for video downloading¬†and allows for selecting the quality of the YouTube video to be downloaded.

Btclod is the only free program on the internet that does not need any signup or gives any package in exchange for downloading files from its users. All you have to do is go to and search for a video on YouTube that you want to download using their search engine or by copying the video’s URL address. There is a process to download YouTube videos, and for that, a simple method to follow is outlined below.

How to Save Videos from YouTube?

  • The user must first access the Btclod website and either search for the video directly from their search engine dialogue box or copy the video URL link from YouTube.
  • Paste that copied link into the search engine and click on the start button
  • Following that click, the user will be prompted to pick the video format, whether they wish to download the video in mp3, Wav, or video, by selecting the quality.
  • A dialogue box will pop up after selecting the desired format and quality, the user will be asked to download the file by simply clicking on the download, and the downloading process will get the start. The downloaded file will be saved into the folder of the device.

See how easy it is to download videos. So, without wasting any time, download as many videos as you want to download and enjoy the high-quality video without interruption of ad and buffering.

The bottom line

After going over all of these aspects, I would recommend that any user utilize this online program for a better download experience and avoid wasting time by downloading free software that is difficult to use and contains thousands of viruses that cause machines to malfunction.

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