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Explore and Discover a New World With the Best Proxy Tools

by Eric

MMORPGs are among the most popular games nowadays. These massive games often feature huge, sprawling, interconnected worlds for players to explore and venture into with the promise of thrilling quests, rich lore, and unique loot to obtain. Among these, we have New World, a recently-released MMORPG developed and published by none other than Amazon’s games division.

For all its greatness and huge player count of approximately 16 million players, New World aims to become of the hottest MMOs on PC. However, as with other online games or services, issues can sometimes get in the way of enjoying these imaginative worlds to their fullest. Here we will take a quick look at this wondrous new fantasy world while also checking what you can do to get the best out of this new game.

Welcome to the Supernatural Island of Aeternum

The uniqueness of the New World lies within its 17th-century discovery setting. Granted, it is not the Americas themselves; instead, the developers have opted to create a fictional world heavily inspired by them. This place receives the name of Aeternum, and while it draws a lot of inspiration from the real-world Americas, it also introduces plenty of supernatural elements to keep the players invested and on their toes.

After a rough arrival at this new land, players notice the wondrous landscapes of Aeternum. Since the Americas worked as an inspiration to the game’s designers, lush forests and jungles filled with lots of greenery, extensive beaches, and rocky mountainous areas all form part of this gorgeous new land.

Much of the gameplay in New World revolves around fighting The Corrupted. The Corrupted is the evil faction inside the game and seeks to capture territories all over Aeternum. It will be up to the players and their factions to stop the invasion.

Another unique thing about New World is that its combat system uses no auto-lock targeting. Careful preparation and understanding of the weapon you opt to use alongside a steady aim will go a long way in ensuring you come out victorious in combat.

In addition to this, the players will also get the chance to develop their own set of skills according to the trade they decide to fulfill in the game. Among these, we can find smithing, engineering, trading, cooking, arcana, weaving, mining, camping, and many others.

Enjoy the Perks of Playing With a Proxy

Now, when it comes to online gaming, you know some things can limit your experience and enjoyment. A New World proxy can become extremely valuable in eliminating these issues. A proxy server works as a middleman between you, the game client, and the servers of the game you are trying to connect.

A proxy hides your IP and instead forwards its own, tricking the game into thinking that you’re from another location. It allows you to bypass any restrictions put into place while at the same time adding several layers of protection to your personal information.

Ever since New World came out, many players have reported both lag issues and frequent IP banning from the gamemasters. This is something that could zap the fun out of the game for you. Were you banned after using foul language? No problem. You can get a new IP address from your proxy provider of choice and continue playing the game before your ban ends. Read more about How to choose the best VPN service?

Using a premium proxy service, you can enjoy reduced lag during your adventure. This is very desirable for an online game because traversing the environment with your character glitching out due to an unstable connection could prove to be a headache. And let’s not go into glitchy combat due to delays in communication if you’re planning to take part in the game’s PvP – that’s the worst.


Aeternum is a land filled with lots of danger and opportunity, much like the Americas were during their discovery. Players will have a chance to carve out their own destiny in this new supernatural place, but only if they make good use of the many gameplay systems found within the game.

With a scope that mirrors the discovery of a new continent and a talented, high-budget game development studio, New World has all the makings of a successful MMORPG. Don’t be left out of the experience; grab a New World proxy and join in the fun and wonder of discovering and exploring a new land.

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