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Exercises to keep fit at home 2020

by Eric

It may not always be possible for us to leave the house to go for a stroll or to practice our favourite sport and do exercises to keep fit at home. This circumstance has psychological and physical ramifications that are closely tied to human domains, as do other situations that disrupt our routines. The effects of inactivity vary on how much physical activity each person requires on an individual basis. We advise you to perform these 5 at-home workouts regardless of your personality type.

How to do Exercises to keep fit at home?

In addition to weight control, we tell you more reasons why this series of exercises to do at home is essential for well-being. Some will sound familiar to you and others less:

Activate the pulsations, essential for the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

Strengthen the muscles, which increases endurance and strength. It also helps prevent muscle loss that occurs naturally with age and can help strengthen bones and avoid brittleness. Work on flexibility, suitable for all ages as it helps prevent injuries and improves joint mobility.

Driveaway negative thoughts and worries. Playing sports improves rest, not only because of the muscular fatigue that it produces but because its practice puts us in contact with our body. This fact directly affects a decrease in mental activity and, with it, worries, or other negative thoughts.

Strengthen our social relationships, since it is possible to exercise in a group within the home or be connected with other people thanks to video calls. Try doing sports in the company, and you will see the result: endorphins, chemicals responsible for activating pleasure and relaxation, will flood the environment with their good vibrations. Activate the immune system, improve concentration, and maintain good physical and mental condition. Read more.

Role of Exercise chart

For its realization, you do not need any instrument or economic investment. Only your body and your desire, which you are sure to maintain once you start. Let’s go there! Rear strides. This exercise involves the quadriceps muscles and, synergistically, the entire posterior chain.

These are the steps: Move your leg back as you bend your knee to a 90-degree angle. When you’re down, pause the movement and push lightly with your front leg. Remember to squeeze your glute on the way up to the starting position.

How to make 10 lunges on each leg.

Push-ups from the ground. The pectorals, delts, and triceps get rock hard with this exercise. Surely you know him because he is one of the most feared for those who disobey the movies’ orders. Don’t be afraid of him. With practice and awareness of the muscles of your body as they work, you will succeed.

Place your arms parallel to your shoulders and push your arms progressively until they are extended to lower yourself to a distance from the ground of 30 centimeters. Remember to keep your body in a straight position, avoiding arching your back. The body has to move like a block. If you already control the movement and feel healthy, do it without resting your knees on the ground. No one can tell you that you cheat anymore.

Ideal repetitions for this exercise

Sit-ups, raising and lowering the legs, we strengthen the rectus major and rectus abdominis muscles. Besides being a very appreciated part of the body from an aesthetic perspective, it is essential to work on it to avoid the happy back pain. Lie on your back and pay attention to the lower back, so you have to place your hands under your hips to raise your legs to 90 degrees. Controlled, lower your legs by contracting the abdomen, and before hitting the ground, we raise them again. The shoulders and head should be close to the ground, and remember to keep them relaxed. Concentrate strength in the abdominal.

Do 12 repetitions.

Gluteal bridge. As the name suggests, it involves the bridge muscle. Bridge muscle? Have you fallen? It’s a little joke after you’ve done all the sit-ups, to relax you. It involves the gluteal muscle, of course. We lie on our backs with our knees bent and our arms resting on the floor parallel to the body. From that position, we lift the hips by contracting the gluteus until we are supported only on the feet and the scapulae.

At the maximum point of contraction, our back must form a straight line between the knees and the shoulder blades. Hold the recession for 2 seconds before returning to the starting position. Any type of physical injury to the nerves, tissues, or blood vessels of the penis and its surrounding area could cause this particular problem. Even injuries to the spinal cord can sometimes cause erectile dysfunction. Super p Force

Do it 12 times.

The isometric plank, whose muscular area involved is the core, that mysterious area that fitness and Pilates lovers name non-stop and that not all of us are clear about what it is. Well, the body is not only the six-pack, but its name also has an Anglo-Saxon origin and means core. The core is an area that acts as a protection for the internal organs and goes from the lower back to the abdomen. It is the body’s center of gravity, so strengthening it is essential for postural hygiene and proper breathing.

As you can imagine from all this description, the isometric plank is an excellent “fat burner” in which we work the whole body. If all. For this reason, it is used in almost all sports practices. Place your forearms on the ground at a 90-degree angle between your elbows and shoulders as well as a straight, parallel line between them and the balls of your feet.

Making the lumbar region arch is a common mistake, so make sure the back is straight. Keep your abs and glutes tight to maintain the proper position to prevent this. It is advised to perform it in front of a mirror to ensure your posture is correct and, incidentally, to observe how your muscles develop with time.

The goal is 60 seconds, but start out slowly.

and grin. Exercise is like adding Krista to your dishes: it’s life, music, and colour. Along with keeping an eye on your nutrition in low-activity settings, get your body moving by performing 3-6 rounds of these 5 at-home exercises.

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