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Discover the Benefits of Kiosk Advertising

by REX

Are you looking for an easy way to target consumers at the source? Are you also hoping to save some money on effective advertising campaigns and strategies? If so, there are many options available to you, but one that fits the bill especially well is kiosk advertising. Kiosk advertisements are stationary billboards that are usually light from within and placed in highly trafficked areas. Usually, you’ll find them near general information centers in large urban centers and shopping malls where consumers are actively walking around and shopping.

Kiosk advertising can be as engaging or static as you’d like it to be and offers a great deal of flexibility to brands looking for an effective way to advertise in consumer locations like malls, outdoor shopping centers, and other retail locations. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of kiosk advertising, what the price range typically is, and some examples of using these types of ads effectively. 

Attract Customers Who Are Already Shopping 

The biggest benefit of using kiosk advertising is that it targets customers who are actively shopping and prepared to buy products. If a customer sees a kiosk advertising a sale at a store in the shopping center they’re in, they will likely engage with the advertisement and check out the sale. That’s more traffic in your store and more potential customers daily. This can help turn foot traffic into actual real purchases and spread the message of your brand. 

Cater Your Message 

Kiosk advertisements allow you to be more specific in your audience targeting. If you’re advertising in a mall, for example, advertisements for food or retail stores in that location will do extremely well. If you’re advertising outside of an event space, this is a great place to advertise for food and drink deals inside the venue, whether it’s a concert space, museum, or sports arena. Brands should think about where and to whom their products will attract the most attention. The more specific you can get, the more likely you are to see a return on your investment in your advertising campaign. 

Engage With Customers 

While kiosk billboards tend to be static, you can create engaging ads that require customers to interact with the kiosk. This is not only great for customer engagement and brand awareness through the use of creative advertising, but it can also help you gain insight and information into your customer’s shopping experience and preferences. So, kiosks are great tools not only for promoting your brands and product sales but to determine the best way to engage with your customers in the future. With the right design team, you can come up with something both engaging and fun for your potential customers. This will help them remember your brand and make the effort to shop with you in the future. 

Cost Range 

Kiosks tend to be a more affordable option for many brands. Because they typically aren’t too large, it all depends on how long your advertisement is going to run for and what kind of content is going to be featured on the kiosk. Digital interactive content is going to cost more to produce and run on a kiosk, and that will drive up the price point. In general, it can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on both the content itself and the run time of the campaign. Location is also a factor and more popular locations will likely be more expensive. 

Classic Examples 

We’ve already covered a few basic uses of kiosks being in malls and outdoor shopping centers. You’ll also see them in airports and most urban areas where tourists and locals are traveling to and from. Some companies have even taken to using kiosks for placing orders and purchasing goods from stores. This is a great way to offer convenience to your customers and give them access to a great deal of information about your company and what you sell.

The most basic examples are static posters with backlit LEDs and digital displays with interactive or playback content. More extreme examples might look like an interactive display or touch screen that prompts shoppers to engage with the content on screen. 

Kiosk advertising can help your brand target specific audiences at an affordable price point that offers both content and location flexibility. Kiosks are typically found in shopping areas and dense urban areas, so your advertisement will be seen by people prepared to purchase products. The most effective use of these ads tends to be sales for drinks, food, or retail locations that are easily accessible in the area. This could be a sale happening at a clothing store, or food and drink deals at a concert space or museum. 

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