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Different shades of turquoise kitchen cabinets

by Eric

What is turquoise color?

It is neither blue nor green, in fact, it is the intermediate color between these two colors, and a small amount of yellow color is also present in this color. It is rare and precious, and because of its unique color, it has been precious as a gem and ornamental stone for thousands of years. Turquoise color is considered a shade of cyan. There is a great trend of turquoise kitchen cabinets, in different states of the US.

Multiple Shades:

Turquoise color has many different shades, which all have great importance. Some of the most popular shades of this color are as follows:

  • Light turquoise
  • Medium turquoise
  • Turquoise blue
  • Dark turquoise
  • Bright turquoise

Light turquoise kitchen cabinets:

Light turquoise is a lighter shade of turquoise color. Many people choose this color to make cabinets in their kitchens, to follow a traditional style, and also make their kitchens more attractive and beautiful. Read more about Teal kitchen cabinets ideas 2022.

Medium turquoise cabinets:

The web color medium turquoise appears on the right. Many people choose this color for their kitchen renovation.

Turquoise blue:

This color is very similar to the turquoise color but is bluer than that color. It is also very famous among the states of the US.

Dark turquoise:

It is a little bit more dark color than the original turquoise color, and also very important and precious in making cabinets in your kitchen.

Bright turquoise:

It makes the original turquoise color brighter and is also a favorite color of many people in The United States.

Cost of turquoise kitchen cabinets:

As there are many different shades of this color are available in the market, which have different and unique qualities from one another, so their price also varies. If you want to paint your kitchen or make new cabinets, then it can usually cost in the range of $100 to $200 per cabinet. But if you want to paint your cabinets a specific color, then you will have to pay more for this, almost ranging from $200 to $300.

Advantages of turquoise kitchen cabinets:

There are many advantages and disadvantages of turquoise color for kitchen cabinets. Let’s check them in the following.

  • This makes your kitchen more beautiful and attracts the attention of many people towards it.
  • As the color does not show much on this color, you do not have to worry too much about its cleanliness.

Disadvantages of these color cabinets:

Some disadvantages of this color are as follows:

  • This color has the effect of making your kitchen look smaller.
  • This color does not show much dirt, so you often forget to clean your kitchen, this causes a lot of dirt and stains to accumulate on your cabinets.

How can you clean your kitchen cabinets?

You make beautiful colored cabinets in your kitchen just to enhance its beauty, but in order to maintain the beauty of your kitchen, it is important that you take care of the cleanliness of turquoise kitchen cabinets. You should not use any hard thing for cleaning cabinets, as it may cause scratches on them, and may reduce the beauty of your kitchen cabinets, so keep a soft cloth for their cleaning. And avoid washing it with water, as it can cause your cabinets to swell and deteriorate. You can also use some special solutions to clean them. Clean them daily so they don’t get stained.

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