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Things you should know about Dermaplaning Facial

by Eric

A minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for your skin is dermaplaning. Your medical professional removes the topmost layers of your skin using a specialised tool.

By exposing fresher, unharmed skin, dermaplaning can help to lessen the appearance of acne scars or other skin blemishes.

Are you wondering if dermaplaning at a medical spa is a good option for you? Dermaplaning may be the best solution for anyone with fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and excessive Vellus hair, also called facial hair. It instantly smoothes and brightens your skin, reduces the number of wrinkles and dark spots, and rejuvenates your skin without downtime.

Main Advantage of DermaFacial:

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that removes vellus hair and dead cells from the skin. Your doctor will likely use a very thin blade and swipe in opposite directions from the vellus hair to carefully remove them.

According to an article posted on Vibrant Salon & Spa website, the first benefit of skin resurfacing is the removal of dead skin cells. Exfoliating these cells is a natural part of the skin regeneration process. Somehow, though, they pile on instead of shedding. Therefore, dermablading removes those dead, dull skin cells, leaving you with new and healthy skin. Besides that, you can also get rid of vellus hairs. Females’ skin typically appears brighter and healthier after removing it. The skincare products you use afterward will work better for your skin.

DermaFacial Process:

This process involves the removal of vellus hair from the face with a scalpel or sterile surgical blade using steady, gentle strokes. Many facial treatments can be enhanced by adding the Dermablading. This includes laser hair removal, HydraFacial, chemical peel, and microdermabrasion. Moreover, since dead skin cells are gently scraped, products can penetrate the skin more deeply, leading to better results.

Will the hair come back thicker?

It’s true that Dermaplaning doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker and darker. Dermaplane means removing the vellus hair from your face without changing the structure of your hair follicle. Read more about WHAT IS KETO RASH? TREATMENT OF KETO RASH.

Are Dermaplaning and shaving similar?

Although it is similar to shaving, Dermaplaning removes more dead skin cells than shaving does. With a sharp scalpel, it is performed on dry skin. Skin gets smoother with dermatological exfoliation than it does from shaving.

Is this treatment suitable for sensitive skin?

Those with sensitive skin can benefit from dermal resurfacing, which removes dead skin cells. Neither harsh chemicals nor abrasive processes are involved in the process. It is safe for pregnant women or anyone who wants to avoid chemicals commonly found in skincare products. A gentle exfoliation technique will remove dead cells and reveal healthier skin.

Can I expect my skin to look younger after Dermaplane?

When you use a dermaplane, your skin will appear younger and is ideal for makeup application. Whenever you undergo this treatment, you will get rid of the dead skin cells that block skincare products from being absorbed into the skin as deeply as they can.

Does anything need to be avoided after dermaFacial?

Take a few days off from direct sunlight. Don’t forget to use sunscreen whenever outside. For up to a week after your procedure, it is best not to use harsh scrubs or exfoliators.

Dermaplaning isn’t suitable for acne sufferers.

True, Epiblading is not suitable for active, pustular, or cystic acne. On the other hand, if you have not had an active breakout before and do not have a history of acne, then dermaplaning may be beneficial. The major benefit is that it minimizes bacteria on the skin’s surface. The epiblading exfoliates dead skin cells and vellus hair to unclog pores and remove acne-causing bacteria.

While it might make your skin appear younger, it cannot reverse the ageing process. For hair removal, some people also have dermaplaning. Your hair will grow back, so this is only a temporary solution.

The operation is typically performed on the face, but it can be done anywhere on the body.


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