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Comparison of different email services

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Comparison of different email services

Yesterday, I was with my friend for getting advice for business. Then he tells me that now a day, it is the world of social media and online business marketing is the most popular business. Because people in the modern world are getting interested in it. And Covid-19 is also the main cause of increasing the trend of online business. Due to lockdown in the entire world, people prefer to order goods from their homes and get the delivery on there. In this article, we’ll discuss a comparison of different email services. He also advises me that if I want to start my business then there is no need to get late. Because competition is increasing day by day and get a hurry as soon as possible. And now, I am looking for a point though that I can buy Gmail accounts with instant delivery.


There are more than 2 dozen email services are created in this world.  All these email services are famous on an international level. These email services were created from time to time. And these email services become popular in accordance with their features and advantages.  For example, Gmail has useful features and it knows how to get the satisfaction of clients. And die to this, it is the most famous email service.  All email services are becoming famous in accordance with their features and usability. Here we will mention some famous email services as well as features of those emails’ services.


If you want to make a list of the most important email services then Gmail will be at no#1. If you will make this list according to most users as well as numbers of features. This is also counted as the most secure email service. It has two types of accounts like free Gmail accounts and G Suite accounts and both are the most used accounts.  But the number of free Gmail accounts users are more than G Suite accounts. Here are some features of Gmail accounts in a limited number of those we have mentioned here.


  1. You can use unlimited storage memory for your business for only $10 per month.
  2. You can archive emails and can keep empty your inbox. While your emails could be recovered when you need these emails.
  3. You can enjoy two factors authentication security features and no one can use your account without your permission even they have your account password.
  4. You can do a lot of activities through right-clicking. And when you open an email then you can forward, archive, delete, mark as unread, and like these types of activities through a single click. Read more

Proton Mail

Proton mail created by MIT and CERN scientists. It is the most secure and open-source email service and could be used as an alternative to Gmail. It was created in Switzerland and the security of this mail is the responsibility of the Switzerland government. When you make a conversation with others then no one can see your chat. Here are the features of this mail service.


  1. If you are interested to use this service then its account creating is easy and simple. There is no need for providing personal information.
  2. You can use this service on any device and there is also no need of using any software for this service.
  3. If you want to use this service for your business then you can use it without any personal information.
  4. It is easy to organize your inbox when you are using ProtonMail.


This email service was created by Apple. This could be used on a computer, IOS devices, as well as MS Outlook users, can use it. But if you want to use it on the computer then you will need to have a windows operating system. This email service has a large number of features and some important features are mention below.


  1. You can get access to IMAP while using this email service.
  2. When anyone sends you email messages then these messages store in your inbox automatically.
  3. It has a system through that HTML images could be load with an automatic system.

Here we have discussed three email services and conclude that Gmail is better than other both email services. It is better because it has more features and advantages. If you have the freedom to choose any service for your business and personal use, then we suggest you use Gmail rather than all other email services.

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