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centos vs Ubuntu: Which one is the best

by Eric

Cento’s words stand for the Community Enterprise Operating System. This is one of the Linux Distribution was begun by George Kurtzer. The concept of Ubuntu is based on free or open-source software. On this platform, a person does not have any need to pay for licenses. A person can use it free of cost, download it, and share this operating system without any charges. Ubuntu has a thriving reputation due to its stability and security. This is one free, stable, and secure operating system. Ubuntu operating systems offer many advantages.

Difference between centos and Ubuntu:

The difference between the cantons and Ubuntu are as followed:
1. The main difference between the Linux distribution is that Ubuntu works based on Delian architecture, whereas the cantons are forked from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This is the most significant difference that occurs between centos vs Ubuntu.
2. DEB packages can be downloaded in Ubuntu using the apt-get package manager. In cantons, the command of Yum is used to download and install the RPM from the central repository.
3. Stable distribution is considered to be a canton as compared to the distribution of Ubuntu. This is all due to the less frequent updates of the packages. It can be regarded as a disadvantage for centos vs Ubuntu.

Comparison of cantons and Ubuntu:

Based on Delian Based on RHEL. Updated frequently Updates scarcely any CPanel support(has alternatives) CPanel / WHM are supported by it. Large several users and developers of the community. It contains a few developers and a community. An enormous number of tutorials are available for the sake of help. Fewer sources and amount of help are available. Relatively easier to learn for beginners that have used it in the past. Harder to learn for beginners. Deb packages are installed by using the apt-get package manager. Rpm packages are installed using the yum packages manager. Read more about What Does an AI Engineer Do?


Which is better:

centos vs Ubuntu, the better selection from them both is cantons instead of the Ubuntu. This is all due to the more stable and secure is the cantons. The top list choice for Enterprise Linux is of the centos.

If a person is a business owner, he should use cantons between centos and Ubuntu’s choices. Because it has fewer frequencies of updates and is more stable and securer as compared to Ubuntu.

Web hosting and cloud development:

Centos vs Ubuntu is the most popular operating system, and they are used for the development of web hosting. Centos is the best operating system for creating web hosting because it provides the most compatibility with various managements of the panels required for web management hosting. Ubuntu is the best for beginners in web hosting. Because some say, it is pretty easy to use. That’s because they can utilize it while using their home PC. Whereas Ubuntu vs centos for the deployments of cloud, the Ubuntu server is the best choice with excellent support for container virtualization.

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