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Carrom Pool Mod APK: A detailed Review

by Eric

Do you cherish the traditional Carrom board game? Absolutely you like it but everyone cannot afford a carrom board at their home or sometimes people don’t have space for the carrom table in their houses. But now you can play this sublime game on your Smartphone. It is true you can play anytime carrom on your mobile by using Carrom Pool Mod Apk. This is a carrom game which is now available on your smartphones. This is a game which you can play with your friends as well as alone. Are you looking for a blog where you can know about the carrom disc Pool Mod APK? Then you came to the right place stay tuned with us here you will know a lot about this sublime game. I am going to share with you a lot about the limitless coins and gems of this game. Are you ready then stay tuned with us?

Fun facts about Carrom Pool Mod Apk

  • This game is now available in various modes and in the mod version every player can get limitless coins and gems.
  • This incredible game is developed by the Miniclip.
  • This sublime game is lion’s share plays in Asian Countries like Pakistan, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.
  • It has many following modes such as;
  1. Practice
  2. Disc Pool
  3. Play carrom mode
  • These all modes have their own features and all are full of fun and excitement.
  • This is game has many mode versions so it comes with many unlocked features and a limitless approach of the gems and coins.
  • You can play worldwide this game with your fellas.
  • You will get exciting things in this game like you can unlock strikers, various items, gems, and free pucks if you get a higher position in the game and assemble many points then you can unlock all the things.
  • The bonus point of carrom pool mod APK is that it is available both offline and online in both modes.
  • Multiplayer; you can play this game with your family and fellas. Carrom pool proffers you play to play this game with one or more players.
  • At a time 4 players can play this game just like a real carrom board game. If you win you can win coins and unlock the chests.

Offline Mode

If you don’t have a friend around you or you don’t have an internet connection and you want to play this game you can play. This game proffers you with an offline play game option. You can play it with the computer or you can play it all alone by putting all the discs in the holes. The computer will play with you like a real human. Read more about MissQGemini on people calling her a cheater | Livestreamfail

Online Mode

If you are alone at home and you want to play carrom with your fellas or cousins, carrom pool mod APK allows you to play it online with your friends and family. This is a great feature you can still play carrom just like you play carrom when you meet and play it physically. Online playing is really a unique feature.

Sublime and interesting features of Carrom Pool Mod APK

  • 3D Graphics

This game proffers you 3D graphics it seems really real and beautiful. You can experience the very unique playing of carrom online with your family and fellas.

  • Free download

You can download it free apart from its good features.

  • Limitless modes features

This game proffers you carrom mode version game so it proffers you limitless items to unlock. You can unlock chests for instance supreme chest, Paris stage bronze stage, master chest, Delhi lounge bronze chest, and pro chest. Limitless coins ad gems are available in this version of carrom pool mod APK.

  • Remove ads

Now carrom lovers can play this game without canceling the ads of other games.

  • Purchase items from the shop

You can shop many items from the carrom shop. For instance gems, Master chest, supreme chest, pro chest, and many others.

3 Modes of carrom pool mod APK

  • Practice mode

The practice mode is for the new players they can practice in practice mode before playing games online with fellas and family.

  • Play Carrom Disc Pool Mode

Carrom disc pool mod APK is the favorite mode of players. Basically, the players before playing bet on coins, and the player who wins the game gets all the money. The famous venues of this mode are Mumbai, London, Delhi, Dubai, Paris, and New York. It has 12 troops.

  • Play Carrom Mode

This mode of carrom pool has 13 troops and you have to fulfill a challenge in this mode. The challenge is the player has to eat the red disc before the last one, if the player couldn’t eat it then the player won’t win the game.

How to Download Carrom Pool APK?

You can download the carrom pool mod APK very easily. It is not rocket science just follow the following steps for downloading this sublime game;

  • 1st step visit your phone setting.
  • Open the unknown resources and click to enable this option.
  • Now visit Google and download this game by clicking on the link.
  • Then open the file manager and open the android folder.
  • Quest this game and open it.
  • Install it.

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