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Services Provided by the Brokerage Companies in the UAE

by Eric

The brokerage company is a necessary and significant field in the real-estate world since it is an important legal requirement. Every company dealing in brokerage shall be registered with RERA. Moreover, they must possess a registration certificate detailing the license number, the validity of the license, and activities permitted.

The lawyers in Sharjah are quite efficient in such matters as they have extensive knowledge and credible expertise in this realm. Moreover, they are eligible to help you legally at every step of your property matters. These can either be related to selling or buying different sorts of properties.

Some Services Provided by These Companies

Under such permitted activities, the brokerage companies are obliged to perform the following activities.

  • Maintenance of the Records

One of the most important duties done by a brokerage company is the maintenance of the records. They tend to maintain records of all the transactions made during the procedure. Moreover, they take care of all the legal documents and maintain the record of the documentation gathered and left.

  • Payment of the Commission

Under the provisions of the real-estate agent law, the commission shall be paid in line with the terms and conditions of the brokerage agreement. Importantly, if the negotiations between the seller and buyer do not result in a sale, the broker is not entitled to receive any commission. The broker manages this stuff and keeps you from the fatigue that you may face otherwise.

The lawyers in Sharjah can help you here with all the legal matters. It is because they have got an abundant amount of knowledge related to real estate law.

  • To Hold the Amount

Another very important service provided by the broker is to hold the amount. They hold the amount on behalf of the client or act as a trustee between the buyer and seller. This is highly significant since giving the whole payment in an instance can be very much upsetting for you and you might have to face various troubles.

Hiring a broker can save your time as they tend to manage the amount and select the right time for making the payment to the client, either buyer or a seller.


Therefore, if you are looking for a good broker in the UAE, it is better to seek help from lawyers in Sharjah. They can help you handle the matter efficiently and without any hassle. Moreover, they are available all over the UAE, including Ajman, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

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