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Best converter for cryptocurrencies 2021

by Eric

It is important for traders and miners to be aware of changes in the value of crypto money in the market. For this, a special tool is intended – a cryptocurrency converter.

What is a calculator (converter) for?

The purpose of the currency calculator is the same – to show the ratio of different types of digital money relative to each other and relative to fiat currency. This question is especially relevant for miners: in order to know how much real money they will receive, it is necessary to convert the cryptocurrency into dollars or other fiat money. For traders and investors, the calculator is an advisor on which strategy to choose when working with cryptocurrency and the ability to calculate the return on investment.

How the converter determines the course:

The rate is updated in real-time: every minute the calculator is synchronized with the main crypto exchanges. This happens through a single systematized API – this is how the relevance of the exchange rate is guaranteed. It should be borne in mind that the rate of digital money fluctuates continuously. For transactions that may be affected by the exchange rate, it must be confirmed immediately before making these same transactions. You no longer have to use calculators in order to make calculations, constantly monitor quotes. Reference courses are updated very quickly. It is enough just to make 1 mouse click.

The benefits of using a calculator:

Conversion is absolutely free. The calculator allows you to find out how much any crypto coin costs in different currencies, including world ones. Which exchange will be the most profitable at a given time. Allows you to work with different units of measurement. For example, you can work with Satoshi (Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 BTC) and intermediate units of measurement – cento-bitcoin, milli-bitcoin, micro-bitcoin.

Other cryptocurrencies are also supported. Everything is not limited to just one bitcoin and its fractional parts. In particular, there is support for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. The same Dash and Litecoin and dash to BTC converter are gaining popularity.

Let’s summarize the main advantages of converters:

  1. Very user-friendly interface.
  2. Everything is intuitive.
  1. Conversion is done instantly.
  2. Course information is updated online, in real-time.

Popular cryptocurrency converters:

The presented list of calculators is far from complete. These are the most popular and used tools. The number of such resources is growing day by day, perhaps right now the most convenient and reliable converter of all time has seen the light of day.

The list:

  • Ifaucet is a fast and convenient converter. Access to the courses is round-the-clock, both from a PC and from a smartphone.
  • Bestchange is a fast, handy calculator that helps you navigate the crypto world.

· Cryptochan is another calculator that is understandable even for beginners.

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