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Becoming a Sports Massage Therapist in Dallas – Complete Career Guide

by Eric

Sports Massage Therapist in Dallas

Sports massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular within the fitness industry. Sports massage therapists can help anyone- from athletes to normal people who don’t usually work out excessively.

If you are thinking of becoming a sports massage therapist in Dallas, TX, there are certain aspects you need to ponder over – the education and qualifications you will need, the specific skill sets, possible workplaces you will need to work in, as well as the salary and pay rate this career offers.

Education and Qualification

The first step to any successful career is having a highly-regarded qualification. A Diploma in Sports Massage gives you all the skills and knowledge you will need to become a successful sports massage therapist and have a long-standing career. Basic Massage School is essential to becoming a successful massage therapist. Every state has its own number of hours of education that are required to become a professional therapist.

You need to fulfill the requirements just to become licensed to practice sports massage therapy in Dallas, TX. The initial and basic school will consist of anatomy and physiology courses, in which you will learn the structure of the body and how it works, kinesiology courses that teach you how muscles in the bodywork, and pathology that will teach you about different diseases and conditions. The academic route is usually completed in the context of a degree and over a number of years depending on each state’s requirements.

These qualifications will usually place more emphasis on rehabilitation and other sports science-related subjects like physiology, biomechanics, and research methods. Degree-level therapy qualifications are typically more tailored towards those who want to work in a clinical setting or in elite sports, and will usually have a much broader scope and title (for instance, sports therapy). The Level 3 Diploma is the entry-level qualification for a sports massage and also the minimum level of qualification required to practice as a therapist.

The Level 4 certificate is a progression from the level 3 qualification, and it is a requirement on the entry that students already hold the level 3 diploma. This level of qualification covers a broader and deeper range of subjects including advanced therapy techniques, sports-related injuries and treatment modalities, injury management techniques and strategies, movement impairment and dysfunction, and assessment and screening tools for injury.

How Do Massage Therapists Work?

The body’s connective and soft tissues, which include muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and skin, are moved during massage therapy. It is carried out by a trained, certified medical massage therapist in Dallas. Numerous pressure and movement techniques are used by the massage therapist.

Most people consider massage to be a part of holistic medicine. It is becoming prevalent in hospitals as an additional therapy option to routine care. It can be applied to a range of medical conditions. According to certain studies, massage therapy has the following advantages.

  • Decrease in stress
  • Less ache and stress in the muscles
  • Heightened relaxation


One must possess specific skill sets in order to become a successful sports massage therapist. You will need to be:


You will have to be a people person. This is because you’ll be working very closely with people, usually on an individual level. Therefore, you will have to enjoy this type of work with all sorts of people and be genuinely interested in helping them.

Sensitive and Mature

Because you will have to be hands-on with your client’s body, especially in sensitive areas, you will need to be very sensitive and have a ‘soft’ hand. No one is going to get a massage from a therapist who is harsh.

Empathetic and Understanding

You might come across frustrated clients as well, who may have suffered from injuries. Therefore, you will need to listen carefully and be patient and empathetic with them. You will also need to present a positive outlook on their future prospect of recovery and be supportive.

A Good Communicator

You need to have good communications skills, as at times you will need to explain to your clients quite complex subjects (for instance, related to injury and movement mechanics). Therefore, you will need to do it in such a way that will be easy for the customers to understand and interpret.


In order to have a secure workplace, you should know the possible places where you can secure work:

Exercise and Fitness Clubs

Today, there are more people than ever who are looking for treatments, either to keep injuries at bay or to treat them with the goal of removing the symptoms. Therefore, people who are part of a health club will have easy access to therapies in the same environment.

Sports Clubs

There are numerous amateur and semi-professional sports clubs (e.g. cricket, football, hockey, netball, etc). Most of them have a massage therapist with them to whom players can turn when they suffer from an injury.

Physiotherapy Clinics

Chartered physiotherapists are provided with advanced diagnoses and treatments for people suffering from an injury. Therefore, sports massage therapists are always available in a physiological clinic, which will be providing treatments to clients who have simpler soft tissue injuries.

Sporting Events

Almost all sporting events (for instance, half marathons, full marathons, cycling races, and so on) have a sports massage therapist, who provides pre and post-event massages to participants on demand.

Mass Participation Event

These types of events are often packed with groups of people coming together to complete a team challenge. Therefore, this is when pre and post-event massages come into play.

Client’s Home

There are numerous people who opt for massage therapies at home. It might be due to high costs, or privacy. Moreover, sports massage therapy isn’t only restricted to athletes- people who are inactive or even office workers suffering from the drawbacks of long office sitting can avail the benefits of this massage therapy. Such people call a sports massage therapist to their home.


Money being one of the key motivators behind any career makes it important to know what pay or salary you might expect if you opt for a career as a sports massage therapist.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2017, massage therapists make a median hourly wage of $41.76 per hour and a median yearly income of $86,850. However, these rates increase with time and inflation, as well as your qualification. The more qualified and professional you will be, the more you can charge your clients.

Therefore, there are numerous opportunities out there once you’re a qualified sports massage therapist. With the right education, qualifications, and skills, you will have a bright career in sports massage therapy!

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