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8 Reasons Why your AC not blowing cold air?

by Eric

Are you worried that your AC is not blowing cold air? This is really disturbing not only for you also for your family and pat if you have one. It can also cause health issues. As soon as possible visit or call an AC repairer, when you notice some disturbance in your AC. Dot be a lazy guy during some problems in electrical appliances. Now the question is why is AC not blowing cold air? There are many reasons that can cause your AC to stop the cold-blowing circulation. Stay with us and keep incessantly reading if you also facing the same problem you will definitely find the solution to your AC problem in my article. So let’s begin!

Why is ac not blowing cold air?

When your AC stop working maybe these reasons can cause its working stop;

  • Main Power Supply issues
  • Thermostat Issues
  • Clogged Filter
  • Ice Buildup
  • Clogged Drain
  • Dirty Compressor
  • Condensate Airflow Switch
  • Low Refrigerant Levels

Main Power Supply Issues:

It can be sound basic but if your AC is not working and not blowing the cold air so make sure that you are plugged correctly into the outlet, and the power cord is still intact. After checking the outlet and coed if they both are fine then the issue is must be with your electric panel. Air conditioners use a huge amount of electricity. So it might be possible that it blow your fuse or tripped a breaker. Some units have built-in overload switches, so please insure yourself by checking them also. Read more about Kinds of Air Conditioners.

Thermostat Issues:

If your AC front powerpoint is looking well from all sides after checking but still your AC not blowing cold air then must be your AC thermostat is not set on the right temperature on your power unit. So for setting the thermostat try to turn the dial down all the way, or try to push the buttons to the lowest setting and see if it trips the unit to run. If you are able to check the wiring of the thermostat then must ensure it also. Maybe after setting the temperature your AC will start working again.

Clogged Filter:

Some air conditioners have a built-in mechanism that closes the AC unit down if its filter is clogged. This filter is used for preventing damage and harm to the motor and also prevent overheating. May your clogged filter fill too much that why it’s not permitting the airflow? So check your clogged filter and if it’s not clean then clean it.

Ice Buildup:

There are two reasons for ice buildup in your AC. First are coils or filters when it doesn’t allow the air for blowing or a shortage of refrigerant. So always try to clean your AC. AC filter and maybe your AC again started cold air blowing. If ice is a buildup in your AC then you can easily melt it by running the fan with AC.

Clogged Drain:

AC removes the moisture from the air, with the help of water which drains out a hose or through the drain pipe. Your AC pipe can be a college with algae. So it’s better for you to check it and clean it. You can also change it with the new one.

Dirty Compressor:

Make your compressor is fully covered very carefully in the winter season and you also clean it very carefully. Because you use AC only in summer in winter you don’t use it. So dust can make some problems with your electrical appliance. So clean your compressor on your own or contact some who have well knowledge about this.

Condensate Airflow Switch:

Some air conditions have an handle the content that trip the AC and shut it with when drainpipe back up the water, If you see that switch is trip then after cleaning make your it that it is on or tripped.

Low Refrigerant Levels:

If you have a question that why is AC not blowing cold air then ensure yourself that you set the refrigerant level well. If you set it on slow then it will not blow the cold air then set the level according to the season.

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