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A Simple Guide to Serverless Ecommerce Platforms

by Eric

Technology evolves very fast as innovators try to come up with better solutions. Currently, the technology around ecommerce can be overwhelming for a new entrepreneur with all new technologies and digital solutions such as headless ecommerce, serverless ecommerce, SaaS, FaaS, BaaS, and the like. But all of these are platforms that help merchants deliver goods and services to the buyers over the web.

For now, serverless ecommerce platforms are our interest. These are platforms that use cloud hosting instead of dedicated servers to provide services to provide backend solutions to ecommerce companies.

Popular Serverless Ecommerce Platforms

  •       Virto Commerce – Entrepreneurs who intend to use a serverless ecommerce platform should consider Virto Commerce because it was among the first B2B platforms to embrace this approach in 2021. With function-as-a-service (FaaS) comes scalability for any business because of the container-level virtualization that destroys a function after it has been successfully deployed. As such, the cloud resources will never be exhausted.
  •       BigCommerce – This is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that has also embraced the serverless approach for more effective services. Likewise, it offers scalability to the vendors and strong management capabilities. If you check, BigCommerce serves big companies because it is the most trusted.
  •       Shopify – Although designed for SMBs, Shopify is among the most effective serverless ecommerce platforms in the world. You would be forgiven to think that it is the king of ecommerce. Apart from offering strong tools to manage a web shop, it works hard to promote back-end solutions.

Benefits of Serverless Ecommerce Platforms

  •       Value for money – Sellers do not need to pay for hardware used to create and manage servers by a marketplace. This approach charges vendors for what they need and use. There is no need to worry about the future loads of work because the host can accommodate anything.
  •       Cost reduction – We have already mentioned the elimination of servers’ costs. On the vendor’s side, the resources needed to run the business will be minimal. For instance, system employees and engineers will be reduced as the serverless ecommerce platforms take care of all back-end operations efficiently. Read more about We are the ecommerce development team you need to succeed.
  •       Scalability – All eCommerce platforms have been looking for unlimited scalability. Luckily, the Serverless eCommerce Platforms give unlimited scalability using the approach used by Virto Commerce and other similar platforms.

How to Use a Serverless eCommerce Platform

Serverless ecommerce platforms are multivendor ecommerce platforms that allow entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and run them. Upon finding the most appropriate one for you, the next thing is to prepare the product pages with the right themes and add products (the images, descriptions, and prices). Similarly, add all other required details including payment details, and lastly, launch your products.

Because these are well-known marketplaces, you should be ready to deliver goods to clients at any time. The first sale could come at any moment and there is no room to inconvenience the customers.

Final Words

Serverless ecommerce platforms are taking the world of ecommerce by storm. They are game-changers that every B2B or B2C requires today. There is no excuse to miss this trending technology in your new ecommerce business or even an old one that needs to change the current marketplace.

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