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A Person’s Bac Will Go Down If They?

by Eric

BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration. It is used for representing the levels of alcohol in your blood. For instance, if the BAC of a body is 0.10, the concentration of alcohol is 0.1% in your bloodstream. It can also be used for checking whether intoxication is legal or not. If it is more than 0.8%, it is considered legal. However, there are many rumors related to this subject. Many people claim that a person’s Bac Will Go Down If they drink or eat certain food.
But are these claims true? Let’s find out.

A Person’s Bac Will Go Down If They Drink Coffee, Vomit, or Take Cold Showers:

It is probably the most well-known claim out there. Many rumors indicate that a person’s Bac will go down if they drink coffee, take cold showers, or vomit. But, it is not true at all. Neither of these three things has any effect on your Bac.
Drinking coffee only helps to energize you and keep you awake. While the side effects of drinking too much on a daily basis are proven, it does not have any effects on Bac. Similarly, taking cold showers also have some negative impacts on your body. It is scientifically proven, but there are no impacts on your Blood Alcohol Concentration. As for vomiting, it does not affect as well.
Hence, none of these things lower your BAC, as rumored. But, how did these claims came into the picture in the first place? Let’s see the answer.

A Person’s Bac Will Go Down If They Drink Coffee, Vomit, or Take Cold Showers – Root of the Rumor:

The only way a person’s Bac will go down is if they have a liver problem. Most people think that drinking coffee has an impact on your liver. Well, it does not. Caffeine will only affect your brain because it energizes. That is how the claim was rooted. Similarly, people think vomiting is via the liver. That is how this rumor came to be. But rest assured, it is just a rumor. There is no scientific proof to support these claims. Read more about Clenbuterol Ultimate Guide.

The Real Reason Why Bac Will Decrease:

Regardless of the claims, the scientific proofs state that Bac will lower only naturally. No such food can decrease its concentration. Usually, it happens through the liver. As humans age, the amount of alcohol also starts getting lower in their bloodstream. Along with age, weight also impacts Bac. If someone’s body weight goes down, their alcohol concentration will also decrease, no matter the age. A person’s Bac will go down if they face any weight issues.

How To Determine the Bac Level Of a Person:

There are several factors that determine the Bac level of a person. Here are all of them:

  • The Gender of a person
  • The Bodyweight
  • Type of Medication in one’s usage
  • Amount of Food someone consumes
  • Number of standard drinks someone takes
  • Time allocated for the consuming of standard drinks

These are the decisive factors of a person’s Bac level. However, it is important to note that the amount of drinks or food mentioned here does not decrease the concentration. It is for the sole purpose of determining the level.


Before jumping to any conclusion, it is important to consider scientific evidence. Most claims surrounding the decreasing of Bac level are false. In fact, a person can not lower it, and it only occurs naturally.

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