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7 Advantages of Using Advanced SaaS Solutions

by Eric

E-discovery is a process of identifying, preserving, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in the context of litigation. It has become an integral part of the modern legal system as large amounts of data are being generated daily due to technology growth. 

Although the e-discovery process is very complex, advanced SaaS solutions such as the eDiscovery solution have made it easier and streamlined the process to a large extent.

Here is how.


Compared to migrated legacy systems, SaaS solutions are cost-effective and have fewer maintenance costs. Most SaaS solutions are offered in a shared or multi-tenancy environment, which means many clients can use them simultaneously. 

While some solution providers charge clients only for the stored data, others also provide archiving and disaster recovery services options. Read more about Dissertation Writing: A complete structure you need to know.


With an on-premise solution, if there are more users at any point in time, you need to buy additional servers, resulting in an immediate rise in capital cost. And if at any point it is necessary to store large amounts of data, then the incurred cost keeps rising with the growing data amount. On the other hand, SaaS solutions are offered on a pay-per-use model, so there are no upfront costs or long-term commitments.

Increased Efficiency through E-Discovery

Due to advanced SaaS solutions, clients can perform advanced eDiscovery functions in a fraction of time and at a reduced cost. Through providing an out-of-the-box solution, most modern eDiscovery SaaS providers offer discovery analytics and review tools, which enable one to quickly find relevant data and save time and effort of the legal professionals who can now focus more on building cases.

Data Security And Compliance 

It offers secure data storage compliant with most industry standards and gives access to authorized users only. Electronic discovery deals with highly sensitive data, so it’s essential to ensure security, and no unauthorized person should have access to confidential business information.

Deployment Flexibility

SaaS solutions are web-based. Hence, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Data is stored on the service provider’s server, which means that there’s no installation and configuration required. Even if you have a limited IT staff, you can easily manage your case workflows with ease.

SaaS solutions like eDiscovery solutions are deployed faster and offer options like “on-demand,” “pay-per-use,” or subscription, which you can easily opt for. You can sign up for a low-cost monthly subscription with SaaS software providers that helps in reducing capital expenditure (CAPEX) and increasing operational efficiency.

Data Protection And Recovery

Most providers of SaaS solutions offer highly reliable data storage facilities that are not only secure but can also be recovered in case of any disaster. They even offer options for archiving old data to reduce costs and meet company compliance standards which are impossible with on-premise systems.

SaaS solutions can save backups daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure data protection and recover data at request without much delay. It is an added benefit if any information needs to be restored; it can be done within minutes instead of hours or days to ease businesses’ pain during emergencies.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

SaaS solutions are easy to deploy and maintain, even for non-technical users. New employees can be onboarded in a matter of hours through SaaS solutions that improve operational efficiencies.

Providers offer user-friendly dashboard or customizable workflows which not only accommodate the needs but also boosts productivity. It is why SaaS solutions are in high demand and offer a good return on investment (ROI) compared to traditional systems.

Data Analysis And Reporting

Advanced SaaS-based e-discovery solutions provide in-depth and accurate analysis and reporting with easy-to-use dashboards and filters, so it becomes easier to conclude. It ensures all reports are delivered on time, which is significant for litigations or regulatory compliance. Advanced SaaS solutions can generate automated reports in formats like Excel, PDF, RTF (Rich Text Format), among others.

SaaS such as e-discovery solutions offers a simple and effective approach that can be accessed from anywhere at any time with just a click. These solutions are designed as per standard processes that speed up the legal process and reduce operational costs.

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