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5 Things You Must Know When Creating a Logo

by Eric

Sometimes, you’re handed a logo as part of a significant project. Other times, you get charged with creating one for yourself from scratch. Regardless of the situation, the responsibility is yours to design and create something that will represent your business or idea in an aesthetically pleasing way. This article will give you five things to keep in mind when designing your logo.

1. Font

The font is one of the most important parts of your logo. It essentially becomes your brand’s “name.” It doesn’t have to be intricate or fancy, but be sure it looks good and will work well with the overall design. Make it universal and timeless. There are many different fonts available on the web, and you should use a couple of them to get an idea of what looks good. You can always add your logo elements to it later. Before finalizing, choose wisely. Read more about The Importance of Having a Good Logo Design for Your Business.

2. Color

Colors can make or break your logo. Make sure you choose colors that fit well together and work well with whatever you design the logo for (web, print, business cards). When you think about a logo, think about the color scheme of your business. If you have a lot of red in your logo, it may look good on a business card. If the logo is for a clothing store and uses bright colors, it may not suit a web design.

3. Logo Design

A logo design should be simple, yet striking. It should also fit right into the overall design of your business or project. Refer to the color scheme and font you chose for your brand. The logo should be a graphic that complements the overall look and feel of your business. Think about things like symmetry and the size of the letters.

4. Logo Size

The larger the logo is, the more impressive it will make on a prospective customer or client. Large logos are often less noticeable because they are overshadowed by other elements in the design (e.g., color scheme, font). However, make sure it is legible when making the logo, and you don’t screw it up. That is why it is important to have a good understanding of the elements and design principles before creating your logo.

5. Logo Placement

Logos aren’t meant to be placed over the top of your logo. If you have an image on top of your logo, it will look like you have no idea what logos are about or where they go. It will also take away from the design element of the overall image. Remember that logos are meant to be placed on their own, in the middle, or on the bottom. Nothing more.

Make Your Own Logo

A logo is a visual representation of your brand. It is something that should be unique yet simple and attractive. Make sure your logo design is up to par and that it matches the standards of your business before using it. It is important to get as much feedback as possible on your design. You can always tweak it until you are satisfied with how it looks and feels. If you need help with your logo design, you can always use software like Adobe Spark as it’s easy to use.

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