5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies
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Here are 5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies

by Eric

Email marketing is still a useful marketing tactic for attracting potential clients and is far from being obsolete.

  • Nearly 4 billion people use email every day.
  • Email is preferred for business and professional communication by 73% of millennials.
  • 78% of marketers claim to have noticed a rise in email answers and consequently regard it as a successful tactic.
  • 59% of those who get email marketing have acknowledged that it has an impact on their purchasing decisions.

Since working professionals view emails as a legitimate form of business contact both inside and outside the workplace, email marketing is frequently utilised nowadays to attract them. In this sense, the target market is very specialised.

The Strategies of Email Marketing

Some of the trending topics of 2020 researched by master thesis writing services are the importance of email marketing and the strategies which could be implied in today’s hardcore digital savvy and competitive market.

Gathering a list of potential Audience

Marketers today are concerned about amassing a bulk of email lists without getting to know who genuinely has the potential to become their client. A great strategy is to invest in researching the audiences and asking them for their email so they could be updated. By doing this, only genuinely interested people would be giving their addresses. This could be time-consuming, yet promising.

Curated Content

An email campaign set for middle-management employees would be different than an email campaign set for the CEOs. Curate the content before broadcasting the email campaign.  A propelling call-to-action, appealing graphics or media, unobtrusive copywriting, and a persuasive subject line are required for each type of audience. Remember, it’s not about creating the best email, it’s about creating the most suitable one for a particular audience. Read More

Knowing When to Pitch

Another great strategy is putting oneself in the client’s shoes. Research for the best timing to publish your email so it won’t be ignored. A long-winded email text is a major turn-off and less likely to convert. Working professionals often check out their email in the morning and are very likely to react to a fresh email while in the 2nd half, they are least likely to. Understanding the reader a marketer is about to target can be a major game-changer.

Scheduling Emails

Bombarding emails even once every day may lead to ending up in the junk folder the next time. It is best to email once every 2 days and the core part is maintaining the schedule which a majority of the companies fail.  Whether a daily newsletter or weekly promotional deals, marketers should first plan out the schedule of emailing before implementing it and discuss if they could maintain the schedule. Failing to decide on a schedule would result in budget and effort wastage as the emails will be considered as spam and would end up in the junk/trash folder.

Email-Marketing Analytics and Segmentation

The following are the top analytics to measure for every email marketing campaign.

  • Open rate
  • Unsubscribers
  • Click-through rate.

The above-mentioned rates need to be measured after every campaign and by observing them, the marketers would plan the next move. Every set of audiences will yield different analytics results so do not expect getting the same measures.

segmentation and A/B testing are preferred. Hubspot claims that marketers who used segmentation in their email marketing effectively saw a 760% boost in revenue.

After all,

Email marketing has received bad press for progressively dying off. It’s untrue, of course, as email marketing can provide significant conversions and income for a variety of brands when used wisely. On Wikipedia, you may find comprehensive email marketing tactics.

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