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5 Best Astronaut tattoo ideas in 2023

by Eric

It is considered a good dream to become an Astronaut. A lot of people have this tattoo due to different reasons. Some people like astronauts that’s why they have this tattoo or some have this tattoo to remember their goal (that they want to become an astronaut in the future). If you want to have an astronaut design tattoo then you are on the right side, here we have discussed some popular astronaut tattoo ideas that will certainly help you in choosing the right tattoo.

Categories of an astronaut tattoo:

Astronaut tattoo

Every tattoo has a lot of styles and each style represents a special meaning, following are some top ideas for those who want to have this tattoo:

  • Astronaut tattoo moonwalking
  • Astronaut sitting on the moon
  • Laidback astronaut ink for millennials
  • Skeleton astronaut tattoo
  • Astronaut cat tattoo
  • Falling from the space astronaut tattoo
  • Astronaut outline tattoo
  • Dinosaur astronaut tattoo
  • Astronaut fishing for a star ink
  • Giant astronaut tattoos

What does an astronaut tattoo symbolize?

Astronaut tattoo

Every design has a unique meaning, we have mentioned some popular designs but you can choose anyone. The word “astronaut” is derived from the Greek. Its meaning is to sail above the universe.

These tattoos are cute but it also represents a dark side. As there is a life risk on Moon, therefore there are some tattoo designs that represent this dark side. Interesting facts about Kristen Bell Tattoos.

  1. Astronaut tattoo moonwalking

This tattoo is a good choice for those who are fans of Neil Armstrong (the first man who walk on the Moon). It is also liked by those who dream to walk on the Moon. Another reason for the popularity of this design of astronaut is that it symbolizes the spirit to travel alone anywhere (either on the Earth or on the moon).

  1. Astronaut sitting on the moon

Another famous idea for this tattoo is the picture of an astronaut sitting on the moon. This will look like the man ruling on the moon. It can be made in different ways like the astronaut is sitting on the quarter moon or on the full Moon. It is very famous and is made by a lot of people in the past and still many people are having this style of tattoo. This tattoo represents your ruling personality.

  1. Astronaut cat tattoo

There are people who like to have pets, especially cats. Then for such people, this is a good idea, it will represent that you like cats. In this design, a cat is made wearing a spacesuit. It looks good and attractive. That’s why it is very popular among people.

  1. Falling astronaut tattoo

Astronaut tattoo

You know that there is no gravity on the moon. So, the people float on the moon due to lack of force of gravity and they can’t walk there so they usually stay inside the space station. If you fall on the surface of the moon then you will not fall down. You can also see Is Tattoo removal cream safe?

  1. Astronaut fishing for a star ink

Another trending style of this tattoo is a picture of an astronaut sitting on the moon and fishing in the stars. This style symbolizes that you are always ready to get benefit from the opportunity they got.

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