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5 Banner Designing Mistakes You Should Avoid

by REX

The banner is one of the most important parts of a company. A banner helps them to generate leads by attracting potential customers. If you want to showcase your services and products to people, an advertisement banner is the most effective and affordable way to achieve that goal.

Are you seeking for banner advertising opportunities in Tampa or St. Pete to promote your business? Do you want the banners you spend in for your business to have higher conversion rates? If so, you should start by reviewing all of the banner design blunders to stay away from.

Unbelievably, a few simple errors turn brilliant banner design concepts into duds. You may prevent them with your banner design if you are aware of them beforehand.

However, apart from being affordable, a banner is also capable of damaging the reputation of a company. Many companies neglect the importance of banners. Hence, they make mistakes while designing and printing the banner.

A flawed banner not only damages the reputation but also the growth of the company. So, it’s very crucial to avoid certain mistakes.

In this article, we will discuss 5 banner designing mistakes that you should avoid to save your business from absolute downfall.

You Make Spelling or Grammatical Mistakes

This is one of the major blunders you should avoid while designing your banner. People will scrutinize your banner while they read about your company’s name or other service or product name on the banner. And if they notice any spelling or grammatical mistakes, their mind will be filled with doubts regarding the professionalism of your business.

Additionally, major spelling and grammatical mistakes will also make people laugh at your company. So, don’t forget to check the content of your banner in detail before you print them.

The Banner is Messy

Some business owners make mistakes by printing the entire history of their company on the banner. They brag about their customer service and design the banner with 5-6 images onto it.

However, this information should be placed on a website, not on a banner. When you add too much text or data to a banner, it will decrease the value. Additionally, you won’t be able to deliver your brand’s message as people will miss reading it because of irrelevant data. This will confuse the audience and they won’t show enough interest. This is why you should design a banner that is clean enough to deliver a message. READ MORE.

You Don’t Focus on the Aesthetic Beauty

The design of your banner is the only thing that will catch the attraction of your audience. If you don’t make your banner attractive, then you might experience failure in promoting your business. Some business owners assume that clashing colors will look better on a banner. But, those particular colors do nothing but hurting the eyes. Regardless of hiring a good graphic designer, you must have a different opinion before advancing to the printing process.

As per Forbes, you should choose colors with better contrast. Though the perspective of beauty varies from person to person, you should remember some steps while printing the graphics on your banner. Unlike most companies, you should focus on your banner’s aesthetic beauty.

Forget to Include Contact Info

Companies should always include contact information on the banner such as website name, address, or phone number. Depending on your products and services, you might also include social media profiles such as Facebook or Instagram. If you avoid including your contact information on a banner, it will serve you no benefits as the people won’t be able to get in touch with you. Hence, make sure you add relevant contact info on your banner.

You Choose Wrong Images and Sizes for Your Banner

The effectiveness and influence of your banner depending on the size and images you use. You need to decide how big you want your banner to be. You also should not forget about your target audience. Remember that your banner should be able to attract customers. Many people avoid choosing the perfect banner size and regret their decision in the future.

Additionally, print images that are relevant to the information on the banner. This is another mistake you should avoid growing your business.


These are the 5 mistakes you should avoid while designing your banner. We hope that you’ve gained some information from this article. Remember that banner designing mistakes should not be taken lightly as they may cause huge problems for your company. If you plan on generating more lead, then must design a banner that is attractive and appealing.

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