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5 Autumn Pests That Plague the Home

by Eric

By 2027, the pest control industry will be worth a staggering $31 billion, which shows there are always unwanted visitors in our homes.  We’re used to summer pests showing up on our property, but as the temperature drops, there are new critters to be prepared for. Perhaps you want to stay alert for this new arrival of pests, but you’re unsure how to expand your knowledge.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are five autumn pests to consider.

  1. Mice 

Mice are among the most popular fall visitors, so it’s important to know the telltale signs. Although they’re not as intimidating as rats, mice can wreak havoc on your property if they’re left unattended.

You’ll find these rodents love quiet places, so check your garage, attic, and even in your cupboards. A great way to prevent them is to hide any uncovered food and declutter every room, so there aren’t any attractive hiding spaces for them.

  1. Wasps

Another pesky unwanted visitor is wasps. Like most creatures, these pests are gathering supplies for winter, but, unlike bees, these can become aggressive if you don’t handle them properly. Because of this, it’s wise to hire a professional to deal with this.

If you’ve noticed an influx of wasps in your home, then learn more about the pest control options.

  1. Stinkbugs 

Homeowners will notice a rise in beetles in their property, especially stinkbugs. The problem with these pests is that they resist regular treatment like pesticides, so you’ll need alternative methods.

For instance, regularly vacuum your home and seal entryways to prevent more from getting inside. Note, stinkbugs love warm areas, so focus on the south or west-facing sides of your property.  Read more about How To Identify a Termite Infestation.

  1. Spiders 

Although spiders are useful for controlling the population of flies, they are best kept outdoors. In fall, many different species seek refuge in homes so they can keep warm. You should often check the tiny crevices in your homes like behind bookshelves, beds, and near the ceiling.

  1. Moths

Moths may appear harmless, but if you don’t take action, then they can destroy your carpets, curtains, and even clothes. To prevent an infestation, lay down sticky traps and cover them with moth pheromones so they can’t resist.

You should also add cedar oil into a diffuser because moths are repelled by the smell. And if you’ve tried everything, then hire a reputable pest control company as they have the know-how to eliminate these pests from your home completely.

Further, moths love damp areas, so avoid storing your clothes in the basement or attic as it’ll attract them.

Be Prepared for These Autumn Pests 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re prepared for these autumn pests.

Make sure you regularly lookout for common critters like mice, spiders, and wasps. And although they appear harmless, it’s important to control the population of stinkbugs or moths; otherwise, they can damage your property. Good luck!

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