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4 Natural Remedies for The Common Cold

by Eric

Like it or love it, regardless of how many vitamins you take or how often you wash your hands, catching colds is a part of life. For some of us, our colds can bring our lives to a grinding halt, as we find ourselves miserably sniffling and coughing just trying to get through the day.  And although there are plenty of over-the-counter medications that can help alleviate our symptoms, what many people don’t realize is that natural remedies can be just as effective if not better.  Not to mention, turning to nature instead of the drugstore can be much more affordable. 

From your sore throat to sneezing and coughing, here are some natural remedies for colds you to consider.

Drink Tea

Drinking tea is a wonderful remedy because it has many different benefits.  For one, it keeps you hydrated which is an important part of being healthy, and also helps for easing headaches. Tea is also a fantastic natural remedy because it can help ease a sore throat and loosen up phlegm if you have a cough. Lastly, there are many teas on the market which come with herbal infusions which can help boost your immune system and heal you even faster.


It may sound too simple to be true, yet it’s extremely effective— sleep has the power to make you feel better by regenerating your cells and allowing your system to relax.  If your immune system is working on overdrive, it’s only a matter of time until it starts to wear down. However, adequate sleep will speed up your recovery and make you feel better in no time.


If you’re particularly congested, then a great way to break all the phlegm up is by inhaling steam. Steam inhalation can also relieve nasal congestion, and all it takes is some boiling water and a towel. Place your face over the boiling pot and lean in with a towel covering your head. 

Breathe deeply for 10 to 15 minutes and take a few breaks if you need. For extra relief, consider adding a few drops of essential oil which can make the steam even more effective for clearing up congestion.


Honey is more than a delicious ingredient to add to your toast or beverages—it’s actually incredibly healing. Honey has all sorts of antimicrobial properties that can help ease a sore throat, all while providing an extra dose of vitamins.  

Add a little to a glass of water, or simply have a teaspoon. However, honey is not recommended for children under one, due to the risk of infant botulism. Younger babies have a less mature digestive system that can’t handle the bacteria and honey and therefore may be more susceptible to the bacteria in honey, unlike adults.

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