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3 Tricks To Help You Overcome Your Fears

by Eric

While everyone is afraid of something, there are some fears that can take over a person’s life. And although having a healthy amount of fear about certain things is normal, if your fears start to have a negative impact on your daily life, you might need to consider how you can address your fears to live a healthier and happier life. To help you see how this can be done in some cases, here are three tricks to help you overcome your fears.

Get To The Root Of Your Fears:

In order to overcome your fears, you should first attempt to get to the root of your fears. For many fears, the actual underlying fear isn’t the thing that you might see on the surface. In many cases, the fear is actually something that’s much more visceral. For example, many people who are afraid of insects are actually afraid of the pain that comes with getting bitten or the diseases that many pests carry. Once you uncover exactly what it is that you’re afraid of or what it is that’s making you scared, you can then take steps to try to overcome that base fear rather than just trying to deal with the surface-level fear.

Consider If Your Fear Needs To Be Faced:

Not all fears are ones that need to be faced or addressed. Especially if you have a fear of something that doesn’t really impact your daily life, it’s perfectly fine to not really take steps to overcome your fear.

A few ways to determine if you even need to face or overcome your fears include listing out the costs and benefits of facing that fear and considering how your life might change from how it currently is if you were to not have this fear anymore. If you find that your life wouldn’t be all this different if you didn’t have this fear, like if you live in a land-locked place but are scared of sharks, then it might not even be worth it to face your fear and attempt to overcome it.

Practice Positive Self-Talk:

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to or need to face your fear, one of the best things that you can do is to have practiced positive self-talk relating to being in a fearful situation.

When you’re scared, it’s common to not really think straight. But if you can get used to talking to yourself to keep calm or give yourself a pep talk to keep moving in a positive and healthy direction, this can be incredibly helpful for facing and eventually overcoming fears that you’d like to not have anymore. If you need some guidance for facing and overcoming certain fears, consider using the tips mentioned above to assist you with this.

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