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12 best fruits rich in Vitamin C in 2023

by Eric

1. Guava

Have we not all savored a plate of guavas sprinkled with black spice or chaat masala? It is a tropical fruit that is grown all over the world. Guava trees have grown in the homes of certain people. It is an organic product that consistently had our grandparents’ complete endorsement. Guava has tiny seeds within and is referred to as a mood in Urdu. It has a circular and elliptical shape with skin that is yellowish-green in color. In addition to its fantastic flavor and perfume, guava is known as one of the fruits rich in Vitamin C and is a super-organic Fruit because of the many health advantages it provides.

Making a fruit drink or smoothie is actually a substitution of nutrients. Vitamin C content in guava is 380%.

2. Fruit Kiwi

Kiwis are small natural fruits that carry a big deal of flavor and a lot of health benefits. Their green tissue is sweet and bitter. Kiwi fruit advantages are additionally brimming with compliments like vitamins C, K, E, iron, and potassium.

The Kiwi fruit diet has a great deal of anti-bacterial and antioxidant factors and is full of fiber. Their little dark roots are edible. Fruit Kiwi can also be gained in supplement form. Kiwi has 154% vitamin C.

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3. Strawberry

Who doesn’t like these delicious red berries? I believe it’s a fruit that is delicious, sweet, and delightful. They are the excellent yummiest origin of Vitamin C and iron. Strawberry calories are 33%. It is full of antioxidants, and 95% of water.

Because strawberries have a high volume of water, the strawberry carb is very low. It has a number of advantages for skin, health use Fildena, and the immune system. Strawberry includes 97% Vitamin C among all fruits rich in vitamin C.

4. Lemon

A little lemonade continues the bad mood away. Lemon is a tiny-sized fruit and vegetable that is usually taken in a low amounts because of its sour flavor.

You can’t eat lemon directly. Just put some bits of lemon in water, salads, and many other foods to give a refreshing flavor. It forever has difficulty, Fruit vs. vegetable!!! Lemon is extremely used in the summer season for making lemon refuse and lemonade etc. Vitamin C foods combine lemon and Fruit rich in iron. Lemon has 88% Vitamin C and citric acid.

5. Orange

As an ingredient of an empowering and varied diet, oranges are on the top list to hold your skin clear and can help promote the immune system.

Orange is a low-calorie and loaded juicy Fruit that has a mix of sweet and sour flavors. Oranges come in the winter period. Its cover is full of citric acid, and can’t be eaten quickly. How much Vitamin C is in orange? Oranges absorb 87% of Vitamin C.

6. Mango

Mango is a delicious, creamy, sweet fruit. I believe its an all-time popular Fruit, that’s why it’s known as the King of Fruits. From babies to youngsters, from youngsters to old agers. It is consumed and loved. Mango is a unique fruit for which people wait when Mango available. It has a lot of advantages for health. Its food holds antioxidant features to hold us stable and healthy. Mango health advantages are infinite.

Mango is enriched with 60% vitamin C. It’s a mango season. All of our necessities are to eat Mangoes to have the immune system healthy.

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7. Pomegranate

It’s a rich blood-red color fruit. The surface of the Pomegranate is thick and non-eatable. However, there are several eatable seeds inside it. Each grain is surrounded by a red sweet and lightly sour seed coating known as an aril. Vitamin C-rich foods, Pomegranate is recognized as the Queen of Fruits because of its crown shape petiole. Pomegranate has 16% Vitamin C, Its Vitamin C is extremely lower than other fruits, but something is more useful than nothing.

8. Apricot

It is the more petite version of peach. The apricot color is rich yellow and has a sweet flavor. The Apricot period is summer, and it has a lot of health benefits. Its benefits for eyes and digestive schemes. It is full of food, but low in carbs might be large Fruit for the persons who are dieting. Its skin or shell has a huge amount of tissue so it can be digestible easily. It has a mass-type thing that seems like a fresh almond. By cutting that stone or big seed, you will get a small almond, it’s more delicious in taste and doesn’t have any side effects. Apricots spend 16% on Vitamin C which is not a poor option for promoting the immune system.

9. Peach

According to George Du Maurier, Apple is an extraordinary thing continuously you have decided a Peach.” It’s a yummy fruit that looks like an apple, but it is much more delicious than an apple. Peach got more extra points because it has added vitamin C as opposed to Apple. It gives vitamins B, K, C, and iron. Peaches come in the summer period. Peaches hold 16% vitamin C.

10. Watermelon

The idiom “Watermelon is a fruit” is well known. You consume food, and liquids, and even wash your face. One of the fruits with the most seeds inside the red flesh and the biggest fruit in terms of size is this one. 100 grams of watermelon contains 30 calories. Although its outer skin is thick and green in color, when you cut it, it is completely filled with juice.

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One of the fruits with a lot of water inside is known as the watermelon. Nutritionists and vitamin C experts abound. Watermelon sugar is a summertime treat that has a cooling effect. You must eat it to stay hydrated and cool. You can eat watermelon stress-free because the carbohydrate content is not excessively large.

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