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Top 10 Apps to add Music to Video immediately

by Eric

Whether you’re watching a video for yourself or sharing it with your friends, having catchy music adds aspects to the film that you wouldn’t expect. Adding music over video is a bit technically tough. Thankfully, nowadays, you can utilize applications on your iPhone to add music to movies. You want a simple function and a splash of melody to transform your films. As a result, finding an appropriate popular music application is not tough anymore. We took the initiative and researched to locate the most okay apps for adding music to videos.

1. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is the go-to app for all users concerning obtaining every sophisticated and essential video editing function on an Android/iOS smartphone. It has an extensive music collection that you may use to attract more people to your video. Furthermore, it allows you to add built-in ambient sounds or specially designed voice messages easily.

2. FilmoraGo

Wondershare’s FilmoraGo is a popular service that allows you to add music from numerous genres to videos immediately. You may pick from over 1000 different types of music freely. It also comes with an extensive collection of backgrounds, decals, and movement tools. One of the most delicate features of the program is that it allows you to transform the video to your preferred format. Read more about How Music Helps With Stress?

3. Audio Video Mixer

You may alter the backing music with an Audio Video Mixer. A soundtrack, narration, or audio effects can be added to the entire performance or a specific section. Furthermore, this program for converting videos to music lets you choose a particular bit of sound and add it alone. The application will repeat the soundtrack if the record is smaller than your animation. After mixing the recorded audio with backing music, you may also see the output.

4. Splice

Top Apps to add Music to Video

This tool for adding a soundtrack to videos includes a unique feature to sync clips to the song’s rhythm and work with numerous audio tracks. This iPhone movie editor includes hundreds of free themes and audio effects. You may add recordings from your iTunes library to your slideshows if you need different music.

5. Timbre

Timbre is the most acceptable program for adding music to videos since it blends excellent video and audio processing capabilities with file transfer capabilities. You may cut music and video in various formats, including MP4, MP3, AVI, FLV, MKV, etc. Instrumentation in the application allows you to blend numerous tracks and delete music from videos. You can also divide video or audio into two halves, chop a chunk of a file out, transcribe text to voice, reduce files, and increase the speed of audio and movies playing.

6. Video sound

Among the most prominent music applications is VideoSound. It may be used to make videos for Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. You may use iTunes to add soundtracks to your pictures and mix them with audio or prerecorded sounds. You may also make slideshows or images with audio in the backdrop. After you’ve finished editing, you may share your video on social media or send it via email. The unique video’s resolution and frame ratio will be kept.

7. iMovie

During video production, you may pick from 14 visuals and audio designs or utilize the built-in transitioning and music tracks. Using the music that is offered, you may construct your soundtracks. It’s dynamically cropped to fit the video’s duration. This video editing software program also has built-in soundtracks and the option to add your favorite music.

8. Magisto

Magisto Movie Maker is an artificial intelligence-powered video editor that allows you to swiftly edit films, make presentations, and generate video collages. This athletics editing program applies stabilization, filters, and enhancements to your video. All you have to do now is pick your media assets, styles, and music. Choose from commercially licensed tracks to add backing music to your video in only a few clicks.

9. Clipper

Top Apps to add Music to Video

Clipper is yet another smartphone video editor that may be used to improve your videos. You may choose from a selection of unique tracks or contribute your own. Furthermore, this free program for adding music to videos includes built-in effects that allow you to modify the video’s tone with only a few clicks. The completed work may be kept in the device’s storage or shared on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.


It is necessary to employ a dependable, powerful, yet simple video editor to finish the process. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free platforms for adding music to videos and explained how to use them. Each forum has its own set of built-in soundtracks to complement the movie. However, if you want to mix audio swiftly and produce video sans having to download any software.

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