Why Custom Printed or Logoed Pens Never Fail to Leave Their Mark?
Home Business Why Custom Printed or Logoed Pens Never Fail to Leave Their Mark?

Why Custom Printed or Logoed Pens Never Fail to Leave Their Mark?

by Eric

In this age of digital marketing, traditional methods are getting lesser attention. There is a misplaced belief that they have a poor ROI. Customized merchandise-based marketing, however, proves the contrary. The industry had a market value worth $23.3 Billion in 2019, according to a Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) report, witnessing an annual growth of 2.7% over the last five years.

These figures are a testament to the value they add to any company’s marketing efforts. People who receive promotional items like logoed pens have shown favorable attitudes towards advertisers, with at least 50% of them demonstrating interest in buying a product from the advertising company. These figures are higher than what TV and digital media-based marketing tend to achieve. Read more 

Logoed pens, in particular, come with certain irreplaceable qualities that make them an invaluable marketing tool. The same report from PPAI shows that writing products contribute 6.6% to the promotional products market. And marketers needn’t look far for them as numerous customized promotional gear portals in Australia can deliver them at a moment’s notice. Any marketing professional will invariably consider customized pens in their overall strategy due to these qualities:

They Come In Droves

The more customized items there are, the greater the chances of brand recognition and retention. Pens satisfy this “volumes make wonders” criterion spectacularly. They are easy to manufacture and can be done so in large quantities quickly. Printing custom logos and messages on them is not a hassle either, further increasing their favourability for the job.

They are Ubiquitous and Practical

The ubiquitous presence of marketing assets is something every marketing professional aims to achieve. Pens do this by their very nature. Everyone uses them at some point, meaning there are high chances that people around the user will view any brand logo on them.

They Can Be Designed To Taste

The custom pen you present to a prospective customer is different from the one you give to a high-level executive. While an ordinary one will do in the former’s case, the latter case requires a peace that exudes class and style appropriate to the receiver’s position.

Custom pens ace this challenge as well. Their customizability extends beyond what’s printable on them; they are available in a choice of colors, styles, and materials appropriate to the ordering company’s needs. Such customizability ensures that they will get used instead of being discarded as inappropriate by the user.

They Are Easy On the Pockets

Pens are light on the pocket, both literally and figuratively. The ability to mass-produce pens means that even customized types gain from the economies of scale and won’t burden the purchaser with high expenses.

They can be produced in small factories with limited resources, albeit in large numbers. Pens’ manufacturing requirements further help keep the costs low. Thus, even small businesses needn’t burn through their account books to have their brand marketed via these instruments. You can order the correct type of pens with your logo and start creating a brand reputation among your potential customers.

They Help Establish a Connection

A successful business establishes strong relationships with its clients and customers alike. There are many ways to go about building this relationship based on trust and loyalty. Gifting useful products is one of them. A gift is an expression of value, especially one that the receiver finds useful. Custom pens fit this role very well with their customizability and usefulness across scenarios. They help establish a connection between the brand and the values mentioned above.

The pen is said to be mightier than the sword, and it continues to prove that true. Logoed pens help businesses cut through the competition by establishing a reliable brand image everywhere they exist.

Stress is lessened by custom pens.
According to studies, using pens instead of a computer will lessen tension and anxiety.

That is such a fantastic, simple pastime to keep the Mondays at bay.
They are crucial study resources.
Pens are especially important for developing excellent study habits, according to studies. Every day, students use pens to take notes, highlight text in a book, sign their names, and outline papers.

For effective studying, a personalised pen creates a unique focal point.

They’re also simply more profound.
Simply contrast “I gave my loved one a nice pen” with “I gave my loved one a nice pen with their name engraved on it” in your head.

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