Why accounting is deemed to be the most challenging course
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Why accounting is deemed to be the most challenging course

by Eric

Most students believe accounting to be challenging because you need to master the basics to understand the complicated part. The secret to understanding accounting is not cramming the formulas but knowing how they work and learning about the different concepts. Ensure that you do not hate math and have a firm grasp of business skills and knowledge.

Below are some of the reasons students think accounting is a complex subject.

  • Most students struggle with accounting questions and do not get the correct answer. The good news is that when you are in such a situation, you can seek help from experts. You can look for online platforms like Edutized, and some platforms will guide and mentor you. When you have challenges with accounting, it could be because you have issues with math. So, if that is the case, learn mathematics first. If you did not know, accounting basics would contribute a lot to your success in accounting.
  • Another challenge that makes accounting is when you make the balance sheet, and it does not match. It would help not to give up; all you need to do is practice and practice more. The balance sheet constituent a lot, not just the accounting principles. Learn how to adjust the final account and, in case of mistakes, rectify them since your balance sheet will never match. When you have any adjustments, try to understand them, and in case you have not entered any, especially at the end of the financial year. Always have proper records of all the transactions and ensure you can track any calculation. When you cannot do that, you will end up thinking of accounting as a complex subject. The challenge you should take is being keen on all your calculations.
  • Avoid the perception that accounting is for intelligent students. That is not true; when you have the dedication and are hard-working to master basic skills, accounting should not be a complex subject. Record all the calculations, and be patient with all the workings. Accounting is not a tricky subject as most college students think. Be positive and think clearly to get the correct answers and better results to eliminate the fear of accounting as a complex subject.
  • Most students complain that their tutors do not explain the accounting concepts. The secret to avoiding seeing accounting as a challenging subject is by studying. Even after your class sessions, spare enough time and study. Do not just rely on what you learn in class. Be proactive and take your time to learn about assets, liability, capital, current liabilities, and current assets. Those are the basics of any accounting, and when you understand that accounting will never be a challenging subject. In your free time, try to look for the meaning of different definitions. Ensure all the essential terms are something you know; it will help your understanding and academic performance.
  • The last point why students think accounting is when they need to master the complicated concepts. For instance, there is the need to analyze and understand management accounting and cost accounting. The secret to avoiding confusion is again understanding the basics of accounting. In addition, if you have covered financial accounting, you will be comfortable with any accounting concepts and terminologies. Another secret is in learning the different techniques and tools that help with analyzing. Some of the analysis techniques will help understand ratio analysis, debtor management, cash flow analysis, break-even point, and fund flow analysis.

Therefore, the next time someone says accounting is complex, you will not see it as such. These pointers will help rule out the problem of seeing accounting as a challenging subject.

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