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What are the precasting methods chosen for segmental bridge?

by Eric

The precasting segmental bridge is the bridge that is prepared before the bridge’s positioning. China hydraulic jack gives you the best material for the precasting segmental bridges.

What does the term precasting segmental bridges stand for?

Precast structures are the structures that get constructed before the positioning of the bridges. With the help of prestressed concrete, the precast structure gets constructed and gets the final structure at the place of usage. This concrete is made with the help of water, cement, gravel, etc. Such kind material gets ready at the factories with the approval of the civil engineers. Below are some of the methods of precasting segmental bridges.

What are the types of precasting segmental bridges?

There are four types of precasting segmental bridges. Balance, span by span bridges, incrementally launched bridges, and progressive placement bridges are some of its types. Read more about Craigslist Albany NY Services.

Methods for segmental bridges:

When one talks about the methods of the precasting segmental bridges there are two. Let’s get into detail about the various methods:

  • Single span construction
  • Segmental construction method
  • Balance cantilever method
  • Span by Span construction method
  • Progressive Placement method
  • Incrementally Launched
  1. Single span construction method:

In this method, the whole bridge’s span gets constructed only once. The whole bridge’s span is in the consolidated form i.e. the whole bridge part is different from the rest of the part. Piers and abutments are not included in the span of the bridge. There are three parts to the bridge’s span. These are:

  • Beams
  • Deck
  • Parapets

The concrete bridge can get its form in the single-span construction method.

  1. Segmental construction method:

There are various spans of the bridge which get arranged on the piers. The connection of the peer is made with the segmented spans. Generally, the span of the bridge is in various methods or segments. This makes the lifting process easy which includes the lifting of the slabs and beam. It becomes very difficult for the machines to uplift beams. And that’s the only reason for the beam’s precast on the ground.

  1. Balance cantilever method:

These are the types of bridges that are built by the cantilevers projecting. When we talk about the small cantilever bridges, they consist of beams. Whereas cantilevers of the large bridge are in the design trusses. The trusses which are of steel are one among them which can easily get constructed.

  1. Span by Span construction method:

This is one of the other methods for bridge construction. Such a method includes the segments of the precast bridge lifted to the top of the piers. This method is suitable for long types of bridges.

  1. Progressive placement method:

Such methods include the construction of one side of the bridge. And the process of the construction is organized with a constant portion. These types of methods are useful in sensitive regions.

  1. Incrementally launched:

One of the fast methods among all these. The incrementally launched is used in the construction of bridges in civil engineering. There is a complete construction of the bridge’s deck. This method uses pre-stressed concrete.

Above are some of the methods of precasting segmental bridges. You can choose any of the methods for the construction of a pre-segmental bridge. For the lifting tools, you can use the china hydraulic jack. They are the best in quality and ensure you the proper work.

What are the pros and cons of precast segmental bridges:

Below are some of the pros and cons of the precast segmental bridges.


  • The upliftment process of the segmental parts is very easy.
  • The construction process for segmental bridges is economical for the environment.
  • The cost of the precast segmental bridges is not high.
  • The construction does not get easily affected by the break. The rest of the work can be done anytime. And there is no hurry to complete the part of the work.
  • The precast construction is conducted on the ground. So there is no need for shuttering and scaffolding. And the well-prepared structures are further lifted to the top of the abutments.
  • Moisture gets its position easily in the segmented method of construction.
  • Pre-casting segmental bridges are better in quality.
  • The construction process for the pre-casting segmental bridges takes less time.


  • The material pre-stressing requires less cost.
  • Erosion and land sliding can affect the bridge.
  • It is very difficult to carry the heavy part of the bridge.
  • The construction process of the segment bridges is risky for the workers.

These are some of the pros and cons of precasting segmental bridges.


As we have already discussed the various methods of precasting segmental bridges. Now you can easily compare which of the methods is useful at the construction site. These are some of the methods which are to be performed on the civil construction site. Many methods are there which are high in cost and require skilled labor. Otherwise, they will get harmed at the construction site. Well, the precasting segmental bridges are light in weight and do not cost more. But due to the land sliding sometimes it becomes difficult to remain in the position.

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