10 Reasons to Love Waterfront Homes
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10 Reasons to Love Waterfront Homes

by Eric

10 Reasons to Love Waterfront Homes are compared to properties in other communities, residences near the water typically sit on larger lots. This, together with the absence of back neighbours, indicates that you will have additional privacy. Furthermore, the trees that surround your property are probably older. As a result, you’ll have a little more privacy from others around you.

Did you know that, in the United States, over 5 million existing homes are sold each calendar year? If you’re in the market for a new home yourself, you’re most likely overwhelmed by all of the decisions that you have to make in the near future. What kind of home do I want to purchase? What does my homebuying budget look like? Are waterfront homes something that I can really afford? We’ll be honest. Those first two questions are going to have to be answered by your real estate agent and yourself. But if you’re trying to decide about waterfront homes, but aren’t sure if they’re right for you, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll tell you 10 Reasons to Love Waterfront Homes and why waterfront homes are very much worth purchasing. We’ll tell you what there is to like about owning a waterfront home, what the benefits are, and even what you can expect after you’ve made your purchase. So, keep on reading if you want to know everything that there is to know about buying and owning a waterfront property of any kind.

10 Reasons to Love Waterfront Homes

  1. Waterfront Homes Are a Good Investment

Let’s be honest. If you’re looking to buy a home on the water, odds are you’re already aware that a waterfront view is costly. And while the initial price to purchase that home may be higher than a similar, non-waterfront home, it’s very much worth it in the long run. This is especially true if you plan on selling your home one day. You’ll get a lot more out of that investment in the long run as a result, as again, waterfront homes tend to go for a much higher asking price than non-waterfront homes.

  1. You’ll Enjoy the Peace and Quiet Year-Round

Another huge benefit to investing in waterfront homes is the fact that they’re usually pretty peaceful and quiet. After all, your home doesn’t have a neighbor behind it, as that’s where the water is. And more often than not, you’re usually pretty spaced out from your other neighbors, as well as located away from noisy roads and areas. If you’re looking to get a home that is truly a getaway home, you can’t beat a home that is on the water. Simply put, there isn’t another home type that is as peaceful and quiet as a waterfront home is.

  1. Waterfront Homes Reduce Your Stress Levels

Did you know that 85% of people claim to dislike going to work each day? While there are a lot of things that can lead to you not enjoying your work life, excessive amounts of stress are usually pretty high on that list.

While there’s nothing we can do to help you reduce stress in the workplace, we can make it easier for you to blow off some steam after work. After all, all of that peace and quiet that we just mentioned will make it much easier to reduce your stress levels. So, if you’re currently working a really stressful job, or have had issues with stress in the past, waterfront homes are worth considering.

  1. You Can Have Your Very Own Boat

It’s most likely safe to assume that, if you’re looking at buying homes on the water, you’re most likely also interested in water activities. And while not every waterfront home is boat-friendly, there’s a good chance that you can find a home in your budget that bodies a boat-friendly body of water.

The amount of fun that you can have with a boat truly is limitless. In fact, the other water activities that we mention on this list are also more fun when paired with a boat of some kind. If you do decide to get a boat, be sure to invest in proper boating insurance and safety training. Be sure to follow all local rules and regulations about 10 Reasons to Love Waterfront Homes, so you can protect yourself, those around you, and even your boat.

  1. You Can Go Kayaking Whenever You Want

No matter what kind of body of water you live on, you should be able to make kayaking a regular part of your life, should you choose to do so. The benefits of kayaking are numerous. Not only is it a great way to have fun, but you can also get some good health benefits from doing it on a regular basis, too.

The best part about kayaking? It’s something that you can do with the entire family. Even the little ones, as well as your furry friends, can come along kayaking with you. And unlike boating, kayaking isn’t something that you’ll have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do. You can pick up a cheap, effective kayak for just a few hundred bucks and hit the water on the same day.

  1. You Can Enjoy Swimming and Excercise Often

Not a big fan of owning a boat? Don’t find kayaking to be enjoyable? You can still get a lot of fun out of living on the water by simply going swimming on a regular basis. Of course, there are windows during the year where swimming isn’t possible. But depending on where you live, there’s a good chance that those windows are downtime are minimal, which shouldn’t factor into your decision too much.

  1. You Can Go Fishing Whenever You Want

Another classic activity that you can enjoy if you live on the water is fishing. Like all the other activities that we’ve mentioned so far, you need to be living next to the right type of water to make fishing work for you. But if your potential home is checking that box, going fishing on a regular basis is another activity that the entire family can enjoy.

The best part? Depending on what kind of fish you’re catching, you could catch and cook your own food on the same day. That can make any Saturday or Sunday afternoon that much more enjoyable, to say the least.

  1. You’ll Enjoy Fresher Air Year-Round

Believe it or not, the air is often fresher in and around homes that are near the water. So, if you have someone in your home that has allergy issues, or perhaps breathing problems, living near the water might be worth considering. Not sure if the home you’re looking at has fresher air or not? Do some research on your area, and your neighborhood, for more details. Don’t be afraid to ask your real estate agent for any information that they may have about the air quality near your desired home, too.

  1. You Can’t Beat a Waterfront View

There are a lot of pros and cons to almost any home that you can find on the market. With that in mind, there are tons of homes all around the world that offer their owners an incredible view that they can enjoy each and every day.

If you decide to look into a waterfront home, you’ll be able to enjoy that waterfront view year-round. Things like a clear warm day, or even a snowstorm, are that much prettier when you live on the water. Even something like the reflection of your holiday lights on the water is an experience that you have to see to believe. Simply put, if you buy on the water, you’ll be glad that you did each time you take in that waterfront view.

  1. Waterfront Homes Make Entertaining Easier

Are you someone who likes to host parties, events, and gatherings at your home? If so, you’ll be glad to know that, with a waterfront home, those get-togethers will be that much more enjoyable for both you and your guests. After all, everything that we’ve mentioned on this list can be enjoyed by both you and your guests. So, if you’re big on hosting, be sure to keep that in mind when deciding between a waterfront home versus a non-waterfront home.

Are You Still Not Sold on Waterfront Homes?

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about waterfront homes. Should you decide to purchase one for yourself, you and your family will enjoy tons of notable benefits each and every day. On top of that, your guests will be able to take in everything awesome about your waterfront home, too. So, be sure to keep this list in mind when house hunting.

Are you in the market for a new home? Looking for more real estate tips and tricks? Check back with our blog daily for everything that you need to know about the house-buying process. Since the land beyond the mean or ordinary high-water mark or line is public property, a waterfront property’s boundary line only needs to go as far as that line in order for the owner to have access to the Gulf of Mexico’s actual waters as a member of the general public.


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