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Home Insurance The Tx Homeowners Insurance Guide You Need To Read Today

The Tx Homeowners Insurance Guide You Need To Read Today

by Eric

What is homeowner insurance?

Homeowner insurance is also called home insurance. The insurance is meant to financially protect a home against any kind of damage or theft. Depending on what your policy covers, homeowners can get financial aid. In Texas, homeowners and renters have a separate Consumer Bill of Rights. The insurance company gives a copy of the Bill of Rights whenever you get a policy or renew one.  But, the question is – is homeowners insurance required for people in Texas?

The law doesn’t make it mandatory for homeowners to have insurance. However, if you still owe money on your home, the financial lenders will need you to have insurance! Even though the law doesn’t state it, home insurance is still a good idea. It will only help to protect your home and all its expensive assets.


Homeowners get to enjoy several kinds of insurance coverage under one policy itself. Mostly, these six categories of coverages are included in Texas home insurance.

  1. Dwelling coverage: pays off financial aid if your house is damaged or destroyed by one or more causes/perils covered in the policy.
  2. Personal property coverage: covers your furniture, clothing, and other items if they are stolen, destroyed, or damaged.
  3. Structures coverage: this coverage pays for any structural repairs on your property. The only condition is that these structures shouldn’t be attached to your houses such as storage, shed, garage, or fence.
  4. Loss of use coverage: this policy covers the additional living expenses that homeowners might incur while their home is being repaired or when the damages are getting fixed. The additional expenses covered in this policy are rent, food, and any other costs that homeowners wouldn’t have to incur if their home hadn’t been damaged.
  5. Personal liability coverage: this homeowner insurance coverage pays off any medical bills or any lost wages that you are liable to pay legally for damaging others’ property. This category also covers any court costs that may be incurred if you’re sued by someone for an accident!
  6. Medical payments coverage: this insurance category pays off the medical bills of those who were hurt on your property, accidentally! It also covers medical costs incurred away from your property.

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Other Home Insurance Coverages In Texas

Homeowners might also be protected against other risks mentioned below:

Flood insurance

Home insurance doesn’t cover damages from floods. Thus, if your property is located in a flood-prone zone in Texas, the lenders will ask you to get separate flood insurance.

Windstorm and hail insurance

This insurance is specifically for the North Texas area! North Texas residents are suggested to have home insurance for hail or windstorms. Read more about Step-by-Step Guide To Buying Car Insurance Online.

Coverage for short-term rentals

Home insurance doesn’t usually pay for any damages or injuries that occur during the short-term rental period. So, if you are renting out your house for a short term, it is best to ask the insurance agent if you’re covered or not!


It isn’t enough to know just the policy names! As a responsible homeowner, it is your duty to learn everything possible about the home insurance that you’re buying. Homeowners insurance in Grapevine, TX provides viable solutions and adequate protection and can help you better understand your policies!

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