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T Nails spa services and prices

by Eric

If you want nails treatment just come to T Nails Spa. The places that give nail care services are called Nail Salons or Nail Bars. Nail services include manicures, pedicures & Nail enhancements. These kinds of spas also give skincare services. The workers who work at Nails Spa are called nail technicians, manicurists & nailists. This spa not only gives you nails treatments it also gives you relaxing body massage and skin care services by using the best products. T Nails is one of the best spas, it provides you with the best-experienced staff. Today we will talk about the great services of this spa.

Great Services of T Nails Spa:

T-Nails services are as follow;

  • T-Pedicure Services
  • T-Manicure Services
  • T-Shellac Manicure
  • T-Pedicure & Manicure
  • T-Add-On Services
  • T-Kid Services – Pedicure
  • T-Kid Services – Manicure
  • T-Waxing
  • T-Nails services
  • T- Full Set
  • T- Refill
  • Eyelash Extensions

T-Manicure Services:

You can get % types of Manicure services at T Nails. Enjoy the best manicure services and make your hands more beautiful and clean. The manicure services with prices are as follow;

  • Basic Manicure: Basic manicure service includes Nail filed, shaped & buffed, cuticle care, massage & regular polish. Its price is $20.
  • Gel Manicure: you can get Gel Manicure with Gel color (shellac) Chrome’s price is $15 and Fairy Dust’s price is $10 total cost is $35.
  • Deluxe Manicure: This T-Manicure includes a basic manicure with Paraffin. Its price is $28.
  • Collagen Gel Manicure: This is the best manicure service. Multitasking Collagen Gloves used for giving you intensive hand treatment & also guaranteed 99% UV protection from UV/LED rays. Its price is $45.
  • Girl’s Manicure & Pedicure: This service is for 12 years old girls and under 12 years. Its price is $35.

T Pedicure Services:

You can get all pedicure packages at T Nails spa. You can get a hot stone massage & hot towel wrap. Choose any pedicure services which suit you and which one you want. The pedicure services with prices are as follow; Read more about Nuru massage near me.

  • Basic Pedicure: This first T pedicure service includes many steps such as shaping, cuticle care, feet scrub, massage, buff, and polish. Its price is $30.
  • Signature Pedicure: Signature pedicure includes basic pedicure with signature scrub. Its price is $37.
  • Milk & Honey Glow: Girls this is the awesome pedicure. This pedicure includes a basic pedicure with rich honey & milk blend treatment & Paraffin. Its price is $45.
  • Gel (Shellac) Pedicure: This pedicure includes a basic pedicure with a gel (shellac) polish & fairy dust. Its price is $45.
  • Deluxe Pedicure: This is one of the best pedicure services. It includes Lavender Relive, Lemon Quench, Mint Mimosa, Vitamin Recharge, and Muscle Relaxation & Green Tea Detox. These all will feel you refresh. Its price is $50.
  • Collagen Deluxe Pedicure: this is the last pedicure service of T-Nails spa. This will make your feet like baby feet. This pedicure includes a deluxe pedicure with a collagen foot treatment for some serious T.L.C. Its price is $60.

 T-Waxing Service:

If you want to wax your body or face, then choose T Nails spa. It will give you the best waxing services at affordable prices. Such as face wax includes full face wax in $40, Lips & eyebrows in $20, eyebrows in $12, lips in $10, Chin in $8, Cheeks In $10 & sideburns in $10.

as for body wax services concerns in T spa includes full arm wax at $35, lower arms at $15, underarms at $55, full legs at $55, upper legs at $35+, lower legs at $25, chest at $45+, back in $45, Shoulders in $25, basic bikini in $25+ and Brazilian in $45+.

T-Nails Enhancements:

You can get all kinds of products for nails enhancements from T Nails. All the products & treatments products are high quality. Just experience this spa’s best services with experienced staff. For more info visit the T-Nails Spa and get what you want. This spa is one of the best nail spas in the industry. They use the most famous branded products for your skincare. 100% trustworthy and they have very good reviews of their customers. You can book your appointment online. T-Nails is a complete professional Nails care center.

The opening hours of T-Nails

Monday = 9am to 7pm

Tuesday = 9am to 7pm

Wednesday = 9am to 7pm

Thursday = 9am to 7pm

Friday = 9am to 7pm

Saturday = 9am to 7pm

Sunday = 9am to 6pm

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