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7 Useful Tips in Running a Successful Virtual Business

by Eric

Thanks to the pandemic, more and more business owners are taking their company online. From remote work to e-Commerce, the management and its employees have to adjust to this new normal. While running a successful virtual business can be quite a challenge, you can seamlessly manage your company from a remote location. As long as you have these seven tools and services, your online endeavor is sure to be met with astounding success, granted your whole team has a stable internet connection!

Describe how your brand will grow and succeed

Businesses have different ideas on what constitutes success and growth. While a 5% yearly profit growth may sound commendable in some areas, it might be considered inconsequential in others.

Think about the numerous elements that could characterise success and progress, such as:

  •  Cutting cost/ profit growth
  • Extra locations
  • team additions
  • new marketplaces being opened
  • enhanced effectiveness
  • increased output
  • Added users, customers, and clients

Use G-Suite for Most Business Processes:

This software technology is a must-have for any type of business. After all, it allows one to create assets and share documents and files while keeping them centralized.

Here are several G-suite programs you can use to run a virtual office:

  • Gmail, a user-friendly email service perfect for sending memos or messages online
  • Google Docs for creating and editing documents you need to send via Gmail
  • Google Sheets for creating spreadsheets that need charts, graphs, tables, formulae, and other options
  • Google Slides for making virtual presentations
  • Google Drive to securely store business files
  • Google Meet, a communication-slash-collaboration software for hosting meetings with the team
  • Google Calendar to track meetings, events with clients, and whatnot.

Manage Business Projects with Asana:

While remote work can drastically cut overhead costs, it does come with unique challenges. For one, you can’t just go from one team to the next to ask for updates. It’s also hard to collate documents coming from every working person. There’s also the challenge of setting up meetings, especially if your office employees are located all around the world. Fortunately for you, you can handle online business activities with the help of the Asana project management tool.

With Asana, you can easily:

  • Create various boards for various company tasks
  • Build a hierarchy of projects for a fuss-free workflow
  • Assign tasks to different team members and monitor them along the way
  • Store important files and documents

Use Slack for Business Communications:

Effective communication is another problem that plagues remote team members. Thanks to the Slack software, it’s easier to reach out to fellow employees and managers. Slack essentially removes the need for emailing as it notifies you whenever you receive a message from another employee. Apart from that, it also helps you to:

  • Create various channels for multiple team members
  • Send personal messages
  • Start an audio or video call with a fellow worker

Slack integrates with other programs as well, which means you can use it with the other virtual tools in this list. Read more about the Best converter for cryptocurrencies.

Host Virtual Team Meetings With Zoom:

Even if your business is running remotely, you still need to meet with team members to ensure quality work. To do this, you will need the Zoom program to make virtual calls and:

  • Track the progress of tasks or projects
  • Check up on the productivity of each team member
  • Discuss any concerns or issues
  • Catch up with one another

Record and Share Your Screen Videos with Loom:

It’s hard to train or offer support to a new business hire in this remote work scenario. Although this is the case, you can still onboard new employees and clients seamlessly with Loom. This platform allows you to record your screen and share the video right away. For example, you can record yourself doing a particular process that the new employee needs to master. After doing so, you can readily share a link for that person to watch. Apart from this benefit, Loom can also help you focus on key job matters, especially if your team members are located all across the globe.

Schedule Customers’ Appointments with Calendly:

With Calendly, you don’t have to send a barrage of emails just to remind your co-workers of an up-and-coming meeting. After all, this program allows you to schedule appointments and virtual events with the team.

Calendly is also helpful in setting up a meeting with customers, vendors, reporters, etc. All you need to do is share a link and wait for them to make a business appointment at their preferred time.

Deal With Multiple Time Zones With World Time Buddy

One of the benefits of remote work is that you get to deal with businesses all around the globe efficiently. Sadly, this can also be a drawback, especially if you wish to make calls, hold meetings, and whatnot. That said, you can keep everything in sync by using this world clock-slash-time converter program. With World Time Buddy, you can schedule a virtual business meet-up that jives with everybody else’s time zones.

In this modern age, you don’t have to worry about running a business online. As long as you use these programs, you can trump your competition and win over your customer, even if you’re all working remotely!

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