Rolex Pearlmaster: The Watches You Must Lookout For
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Rolex Pearlmaster: The Watches You Must Lookout For

by Eric

The name Rolex no longer needs to be introduced. The recognition of the name alone suffices. Without a question, Rolex has come a long way and left a significant legacy in the watchmaking business thanks to its fascinating history. Its reputation is well-known, and people all over the world are aware that they immediately think of upscale watches when they hear the name Rolex. Numerous collections made their impact in the watchmaking business in addition to the brand. These compilations include The Pearlmaster.

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Rolex Pearlmaster

The Pearlmaster made its first appearance back in 1992. The cases have 18 karat yellow-white or Everose gold, and diamonds decorate the watch. Plus, there are also rubies and sapphires. Furthermore, the bracelet for the watches in the collection is gold. The links are round and have a Crownclock clasp. The Pearlmaster series covers the more expensive timepieces for Rolex. They depict a chic-elegance and are perfect for a modern feel. The first releases for the Pearlmaster have 34mm and 29mm in width. These models garnered widespread attention from the masses targeting the female market.

But the Pearlmaster went beyond the eye-catching feature. It bore the same high-quality and accuracy, and reliability. Initially, the Pearlmaster has yellow and white gold cases has diamonds in the bezel. The dial is available in various colors, and each of the timepieces has unique styles and designs. In 1999, the watches in the collection had a new engine. From Cal 2135, it became Cal 2235. Thus, this was the most consistently accurate caliber that passed through COSC testing. Later on, innovations took place, and the watches became even more elegant looking. Like reference 80359, it has a double ring of diamonds. By 2005, Rolex released their pink gold alloy or the Everose in addition to the Pearlmaster collection.

Following the movement by Rolex, the Pearlmaster series adapted an increase in their size option too. An excellent example of this is the 39mm trio which provides you with the option of olive green, red grape, and cognac sunburst sundial. Additionally, the bezels have a ring of trapezoidal sapphires that matches the face of the watch. Today, the Rolex Pearlmaster continues to depict an extraordinary collection of watches targeting the audience who can afford the very best of what Rolex can offer.

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Rolex And Its Rich History

Rolex’s history began in the year 1902. Hans Wilsdorf, together with his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, started a watchmaking company back in London. Yet, it was not until 1908 that Hans Wilsdorf registered the name Rolex and opened an office in Switzerland. Not long after, in 1910, Rolex got recognized and received the certificate of chronometric performance. Following that award, by 1914, Rolex received another certificate for the Kew Observatory. This award is an exclusive one intended for marine chronometers. It was the first for a wristwatch in England to receive such an honor. Hence, this recognition opened more doors for Rolex’s fame.

Pursuing more than just the excellence in timekeeping, Hans Wilsdorf wanted to have the timepieces function in all forms of environment it will be in. It was not until 1931 when Rolex was able to produce a self-winding wristwatch model. This year marked the birth of the first Oyster Perpetual model. It has a perfect combination of water-resistance and dust-proof cases. In 1953, the Submariner came to be. Later, Hans Wilsdorf created the Tudor brand, a sister brand for Rolex that would cater to a more extensive market range and offer affordable Rolex-inspired timepieces. Over the years, Hans Wilsdorf continued to thrive in both Rolex and Tudor. He created a reputation for both companies, which even until today, watches from both brands continue to portray.

Rolex Of Today

When it comes to Rolex, you would be able to find specific watches suitable for your needs. Some watches will be ideal for you if you are into swimming and other water-involved activities. If you are into this outdoor recreation type, then a Rolex Submariner would be a good recommendation for you. Rolex has watches ideal for racing enthusiasts, too, like the Rolex Daytona. The name itself of the watch depicts that it intends to lean towards people who are into racing.

There are many additional options available for you if all you want are classy timepieces. You may be guaranteed to find what you’re looking for with Rolex timepieces. It is ideal for both sexes, both younger and elderly generations. These timepieces are truly priceless and have a lengthy lifespan.

A Rolex watch is a guaranteed find that can meet the kind of your desire, whether it be vintage, classic, or any other style. As Rolex continues to innovate and adapt for modern times, one can also anticipate additional watches and magnificent collections from the brand.

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