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Relation of Price of Diamond with it’s Price

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Diamond is Aries Birthstone that is for the individuals that belong to Aries. All admit the importance of diamonds for adornment and industry. In industry color of a diamond never matters but for ornamentation color choice is the primary key for the selection of diamonds. The price of a diamond varies with the color of the stone.

Diamond color invokes its transparency and yellowish tint. The colorless diamonds that have very low-level birthmarks mean fewer impurities in them and are expensive but on the other hand, low price diamonds have a greater level of birthmarks in them and have a yellowish tint. Read More

GIA has launched a grading system for the measurement of the color of a diamond. According to this standard scale, a diamond with grade D is white, the most expensive and rare stone but with grade Z has yellow tint having a low price. In between these grading alphabets, there exist many colors of diamond starting from white to a yellow color gemstone.

When you plan to purchase a diamond, its price is the main factor that can’t be overlooked. The price of this stone has too much dependency on its color. It means the selection of the right color gives an idea of price and you can save a lot of money from wasting if you don’t have knowledge.

Color diamonds are prized stones and some of them are very rare at a high price. The possible colors of diamonds are, green, pink, red, violet, yellow, grey, and black. But diamond with yellowish color is rare as seen with its hue.

The color of a diamond has a relation with price but at a certain point. With 4 C’s standard of a diamond to approach the price is a practical technique. With CARAT, Color, Cut, and Clarity, one can have the idea of the estimated price of the stone. When you go for purchasing a diamond, store in your brain that CUT and CART are positive attributes of the diamond, and Color and Clarity are negative attributes.

For purchasing a diamond, never pay too much for a diamond with a yellowish hue. This will throw your extra investment into the garbage. Always be careful about this factor.

For purchasing a diamond keep the following tips with you and enjoy with your shopping

  • There is no need to be an expert in diamonds for purchasing. Search a diamond that you are interested in. Do an analysis of the market for that color and shape of the stone.
  • The difference in price between adjacent grading is very small. For example, if you have done your homework for a diamond that has grade G but at the time of purchase you change your mind and your final selection is H grade. The price variation will not be too high. But if you swap three grades below or high, a price difference may be reasonable. But check the stone in the light and magnification.
  • Never go for D grade diamond if you are lacking with a budget. We advise you, with a low budget, go for G or H grade diamonds with deep CUTS.
  • The selection of metal and its grade affects its outlook a lot. Select that color grade that is the most suitable for its shape.

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