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How LED Tube lights are better then fluorescent tube lights?

by Eric

As we all see long fluorescent tubes in our house, garage, workshops, and many other places. These types of tubes have many disadvantages in the atmosphere, cost, and recycling. After that LED tube lights came into the market and completely finished these old fluorescent tubes from everywhere. LED tube lights are easy to install less in cost and can recycle. There are many types of LEDs, you can select according to your requirements and desire. In this article, we’ll completely describe the features of LED tube lights, the types of LED tube lights, the difference between fluorescent and LED tube light, and what type of LED is best for you.

Fluorescent Tube lights:

Fluorescent tube lights are made of glass, plastic, metal, and mercury. Mercury is a very risky material and it can be dangerous for every person in the fluorescent tube, it is the cause of a non-eco-friendly environment. This type of tube can be used for 3 to 5 years usually but it depends upon the ballast. If a ballast is not working this tube will also not work, you’ve to change the ballast for its proper working. When these lights are used for a certain period of time it’s starting blackened and start visibly flickering which causes headaches and eyestrain. So avoiding these tubes are much better.

Fluorescent tube lights are never recycled again because these tubes are made of highly toxic mercury, you cannot recycle them by yourself. You need a special team for this purpose and it will cost more compared to LED recycling.

LED Tube Lights:

LED tube lights are made of polycarbonate lens, aluminum backbone, and best quality electric components. Lepro tube lights are designed with non-risky materials that are free from mercury, lead, and other dangerous toxic materials. LED tube lights create an eco-friendly atmosphere. For detailed information, you can visit https://www.lepro.com/led-tube-light. Here you can find several types of LED.

You can easily recycle LED tube lights just disassemble the tube and drop off the plastic and aluminum at your local recycling center and other remaining electric components send to e recycle center.

LED Tube lights types:

There are four types of LED tube light following.

  1. Type A
  2. Type B
  3. Type C
  4. Type A+B

Type A:

Type a is designed with a built-in driver that is capable of the LED tube operating with the existing fluorescent ballast. Most of these tube lights are designed to work with T5 and T8 and T12 ballasts. It’s plug-and-play. Maybe tube cost and maintenance will be a bit higher.

Type B:

This type of LED tube can directly be installed on a T8 fluorescent light fixture you just have to remove the ballast before the installation. The main benefit of type b is no more compatibility issues of ballast because it bypasses the ballast. It’s cheaper as compared to type A.

Type C:

This type of LED also comes with an external driver, quick installation but higher maintenance cost. Usually, we don’t recommend these types of LEDs in households.

Why LED tube lights:

Here are some reasons why you should go with LED tube lights instead of fluorescent tube lights.

  1. Less maintenance cost
  2. Reduce your electricity bills by installing LED tube light.
  3. Eco-friendly atmosphere
  4. Save from many hazardous materials like mercury
  5. Energy efficient
  6. Low heat


After all of this discussion, LED tube lights are best compared to fluorescent tubes. These are energy-efficient, have low maintenance costs, have no risky materials used, lower in cost with the best eco-friendly atmosphere for your family.

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