Is MyCorporation Suitable For Starting a Small Business Or Startup
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Is MyCorporation Suitable For Starting a Small Business Or Startup?

by Eric

When you are new to the business environment, starting a new company might be a real challenge. Not knowing all the ins and outs of business activities and having no experience in running a legal entity, you might feel lost and don’t know where to start. That’s why startuppers seek additional help and assistance more than other entrepreneurs. Online LLC services have a lot to offer in this concern and some of them target startuppers and smaller businesses as their major customers. MyCorporation is considered one of such services. Wonder if it is a good choice for you? Then keep on reading to get a quick overview of this formation service. 

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MyCorporation: Key Considerations

What makes MyCorporation a go-to from the start is a huge experience in the industry they have behind their back. Founded in 1995, they have catered to the needs of more than a million business customers since then. Their expertise places them in line with the industry powerhouses and gives them an edge over many other competitors. Besides, if you look for a one-stop shop for business services, MyCorporation is a comprehensive online service with a handful of standard features and valuable extras on its menu. 

When it comes to MyCorporation prices, admittedly, they are not the most affordable out there. Yet, they are quite reasonable and competitive and definitely offer flexibility to match varying business needs and capabilities. With that, you’ll have four MyCorporation LLC formation packages to choose from. Notably, each package price already includes a mandatory shipping fee of $34. 

  • Basic: It costs $133 and fully lives up to its name covering the name availability search, Articles of Organization drafting, and filing with the Secretary of State, which is enough to officially form an LLC in the US. 
  • Standard: At $158, it upgrades the basic package with essential bylaws and minutes and an Annual Report Service, within which the company will file annual reports for your LLC and regularly send you reminders to catch up with important state filing dates to maintain your LLC compliance with state rules and regulations. 
  • Deluxe: It’s a sort of the golden mean in MyCorporation LLC formation service. Paying $258, you’ll get a Standard package plus a whole year of registered agent service further renewable at $120 per annum. 
  • Premium: Premium services are usually the most comprehensive ones and give you virtually everything that you need and even more. This MyCorporation package is not an exception. At $358, it stands at the higher price end, yet still not as high as many similar plans of many other competitors. This price embraces the Deluxe services along with an annual MaintainMyBiz subscription. Within a year, this option will enable you to make use of four more MyCorporation services or products free of charge. These are valuable add-on features that usually come as payable options such as an Operating Agreement, DBA name, annual reports, foreign qualifications, switching to S-Corp taxation, dissolution services, corporate stuff, apostilles, and more. Beyond this service bundle, this subscription costs $250 per year. 

MyCorporation Benefits

To give you a better vision of MyCorporation services, below, we outline the most prominent features of this legal service provider. 

  • One of the strongest MyCorporation selling points is an Annual Report service included in all mid-tier and top-tier packages. It’s a feature you’ll hardly find bundled in competitor services; 
  • The company boasts huge business experience offering the highest level of professionalism to all its customers, irrespective of the chosen pricing plan; 
  • Solid customer feedback provided online shows a solid positive customer attitude towards the service that proves MyCorporation’s reliability and reputation; 
  • MyCorporation implements a reasonable refund policy. You can ask for a refund within 60 days after placing your order, exclusive of the $25 processing fee;
  • On the service online platform, you can consistently find a coupon code that ensures a discount for MyCorporation services making their pricing plans even more attractive. 

To learn more details about MyCorporation prices and features, feel free to check a detailed MyCorporation review. 

Other Than LLC Formation, What Else Can MyCorporation Offer?

Apart from common business filings, MyCorporation has some more aces down its sleeve. Thus, the company provides a wealth of additional services important for lawful business operation and support. The most demanded of those are registered agent service, EIN registration, customized operating agreement templates, annual reports, business license search, amendment, and dissolution services, filing a DBA, foreign qualifications, and certificate of good standing issue. Many of these MyCorporation features are available within the MaintainMyBiz subscription that will let you significantly save on add-ons. 

What’s more, a unique MyCorporation feature that makes it stand out is its financial services covering tax registrations and issues and some unemployment issues. It’s a very nice and helpful option many other LLC services don’t have on their lists.

How Fast Is MyCorporation?

Their standard filing turnaround time is state-specific, which means they will stick to the filing requirements valid in the state of LLC registration. With that, though, many MyCorporation reviews specify that they are usually pretty fast. Besides, if you need expedited filing for some reason, you can order this option at the MyCorporation website and cut down the turnaround time to mere days.

Bottom Line:

Who is MyCorporation best for? These are smaller businesses that need more than just a formation service. It’s a great choice for first-time entrepreneurs and startuppers seeking a solid helping hand that will lead them into the business environment and shows the right way for further business development. In MyCorporation, they know their onions and readily share their experience with and provide their professional assistance to anyone who needs it, smartly combining business formation and maintenance services.

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