Improve the Supply Chain in E-Commerce Business
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Tips to Improve the Supply Chain in E-Commerce Business

by Eric

Improve the supply chain in E-Commerce Business

The professionals in charge of supply chain management and order fulfilment should constantly be searching for innovative ways to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. It is crucial to start thinking creatively and searching for viable solutions in order to enhance order fulfilment and the supply chain. Below are a few suggestions that can help you improve your organization’s supply chain and hasten corporate growth.

Think about supply chain metrics

The various organisations should think about how various codes could effect your company’s varied operations. Therefore, business decision-makers should take into account the many methods for supply chain optimization and effectively tracking various KPIs.

You should consider the measurement of different types of tracking materials so that you can produce optimum supply chain analytics:

  1. Stocking of Inventory
  2. Percentage of electronic data capture (AIDC)
  3. Costs of implementing different techniques and procedures
  4. Standard product determiners

It is imperative to track each of these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With the help of the mobile data collection solution, you can easily track these KPIs without any problem. With the help of barcodes and automatic data capturing techniques, you should make sure that the movement of material can be collected efficiently and in real-time.

Percentage of Inventory & Electronic Data Capture

If you want to have optimum inventory management, you should consider implementing inventory tracking techniques for perishable items. Usually, perishable items are produced by food companies. The perishable items are not sold after the expiration date. Therefore, the inventory and supply chain management of the perishable items plays a vital role. If the items are not sold at the right time, the seller has to face a big loss. The real-time inventory solution can help in the optimum management of perishable products. Milwaukee warehousing services use technological gadgets for real-time tracking.

If you want to make a quality decision, you should precisely collect the data in real-time with the help of barcode scanning and various other technological solutions. With the help of technological solutions, you can keep track of inventory precisely and easily. To make a more agile decision, precise data collection is imperative.

Keep an Eye on High-Cost Material

When it comes to monitoring the supply chain, it is very important to efficiently control overhead. The manual inventory tracking process is not precise. If you want to keep an eye on particular manufacturing material, precisely collected data from technological solutions can help in reducing the overhead cost. If you want to keep track of certain products based on their expiration date, you should implement the automated data collection technique. Instant data collection or real-time data collection techniques can help in improving the supply chain strategies and also help in gaining visibility. You can use mobile-based barcoding for real-time data collection. Moreover, you can easily integrate the tracking software with an ERP solution.

Industrial Standards

Material handlers should use unique product identifiers because it is one of the most valuable metrics to improve the supply chain. Unique product identifiers are not just SKUs, serial number, lot number, etc. It is recommended that you should process the unique product identifiers to fulfill regulatory compliance. Read more

Manually processing the product identifiers is next to impossible. The traceability software can help in making this process smoother and efficient. If you want to prevent your team members from undue hardship, traceability software can be extremely helpful.

Though you may need to invest in some technological gadgets, you will get the various benefits later on. The latest technology helps in optimum tracking of various things and recall preparedness. With help in digital automation, the data collection process will improve significantly.

Human-Centric Technologies

Now, order fulfillment companies have realized that it is imperative to invest in human-centric technologies. Human-centric technologies will help the human workforce to complete various tasks without organizational support. With the advent of people-augmenting technologies, the burden on the front-line staff can be reduced.

The quality of work performed in logistics and fulfilment centres might be further improved with new technologies, which would be extremely helpful for expanding eCommerce enterprises. Find out more about the order fulfilment services offered by Red Stag to help your distribution and increase client satisfaction.

Technologies that are focused on people can greatly boost productivity. Additionally, it will boost throughput and lower the likelihood of errors. The mobile-based solutions can be utilised to effectively handle the various corporate activities while maintaining social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last Words

Increased delivery speed and lower order fulfilment costs are also benefits of supply chain optimization. The techniques for order fulfilment have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. The latest technologies and new gadgets can help in improving the supply chain.


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