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How to add webcam to OBS

by Eric

If you wish to use OBS for streaming or recording, you might be wanting to find out how to add your webcam to add your own personal touch to your content. Before you actually get started, you’ll want to make sure that your webcam is in working order. There are many ways to do this but I’d suggest using the DeviceTests website, as it doesn’t require you to install any additional software and is quick and easy to use. Once you ensure that your webcam is in working order, make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of OBS by going to their website, or checking for updates under Help in your OBS application. With both your webcam and your OBS set up, you’ll be ready to add your webcam to OBS.

How to add your webcam to OBS?

Step 1: First, you’ll want to add a source to your OBS application, this can be done by either right-clicking in the sources table, which can be found near the bottom of the application. Or by pressing the plus-sign that is also there. Either of these will give you a list of sources that you can add to OBS.

Step 2: Once here, you’ll want to add a video capture device, which should be near the bottom of your list of available sources. Simply select this source and you’ll be taken to the next screen to modify this source.

Step 3: Once on this new screen, you’ll want to keep it on ‘Create new’, and you’ll want to change the name of it to something that stands out. While this isn’t completely necessary, making sure that each of our sources has a unique name that denotes what it is for will help you keep everything in check. For now, let’s just call it ‘Webcam’. You may now proceed by clicking ‘Ok’ and moving on to the properties screen. Read more about What is Hubspot and how you can easily login into HubSpot?

Step 4: Here, we’ll be able to change a variety of aspects of your source, which will be used to select your webcam. The top option on this screen, Device, will let you select which device will be displayed. It may have already defaulted to your desired webcam, but if it hasn’t this is where you will be able to find your device. If you do not know what your device is called, simply go through all available devices to find which is the webcam you desire. Once you find the right one, your webcam is ready to be used.

Step 5: Now that your webcam is set up in OBS, you may want to configure the settings used in OBS itself. You may already have your webcam set up a certain way, but perhaps it isn’t perfectly how you want it conveyed in the recording or stream. If this is the case you’ll want to go to ‘Configure Video’ just below the selected device. This will pull up a separate properties tool.

Step 6: Go through every setting in the properties section to configure it how you like. These changes will happen on the display in OBS as you mess with them, so you can directly see what these settings are doing. Make sure to watch carefully so that your webcam is set up the way you like. If you ever feel like you prefer the way it was before, but don’t remember the original settings, there is always a ‘Default’ button you can select to revert all changes you have made. Once finished here, you may select ‘Ok’ to go back to your webcam properties.

Step 7: You may mess with the rest of the settings on this properties page, but most of them are fine as they are. Whenever you are finished you may proceed with ‘Ok’ once again.

Step 8: Finally, your webcam should show up in the display preview in OBS, if you select your Webcam source in the Sources section, you’ll see it highlighted with a red box. Use this to resize your webcam however you want, and you can even drag around the webcam so that it is wherever you want it to be on the screen. Make sure that anything else you want to be displayed on OBS is also set up using Sources.

Step 9: If you cannot see your Webcam on the display, it could be that it is underneath one of the other Sources. To fix this, simply drag the Webcam above everything else in the Sources section to make sure that it has priority. Once this is finished, you should be ready to record or stream whatever you want!

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